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  • Acoustic Panels that absorb sound, minimise echo and noise distraction
  • Panels with NRC 0.75 & A Class Fire Rating
  • Improve the acoustics of any room with sound absorbing panels
  • Acoustic wall panels feature a convenient, peel and stick design
  • Acoustic tiles slot neatly into existing dropped ceiling grids

Acoustic Panels Australia

Acoustic Wall Panels to Improve Sound Quality & Minimise Echoes

The Benefits of PPA Sound Absorbing Panels

Fast & Reliable

Quick and Reliable

Enjoy same-day shipping from our factory in Sydney

3 Year Warranty

3-Year Warranty

Up to a 3-year warranty on materials and workmanship defects

Easy Installation

Peel and stick wall panels and drop in ceiling tiles make installation a breeze

No Permits or Builders

Superior Sound-Dampening

Sound-absorbing polyester fibre offers an NRC rating of 0.75

Ultimate Flexibility

Lightweight Design

Made from lightweight materials, the panels are easy to transport, lift, and install

Safe, Light & Durable

Superior Safety

Fire-resistant, mould-proof, moisture-proof, and environmentally friendly

Enhance the Acoustics of Any Room in Style with Acoustic Tiles

Noise and reverberation can be an unwelcome source of distraction in any room. Not only can echoing be annoying, it can also impact people’s ability to think, work, learn, and hear what others are saying.

Our acoustic panels are an efficient and cost-effective solution for improving the acoustics of any room – from the office to the classroom, and everywhere in between. Our Peel ‘n’ Stick Acoustic Wall Panels are incredibly easy to install simply by peeling off the protective backing and sticking them in place. On the other hand, our Acoustic Ceiling Panels are specifically sized to fit neatly into standard dropped ceiling grids for installation in moments.

Support Productivity with Office Acoustic Panels

A bustling office space can quickly turn into a cacophony of noise, which is rarely conducive to workplace productivity, and may even impact staff satisfaction.

Acoustic panels are an excellent option for preventing sound from reverberating off hard surfaces – which can amplify perceived noise. By evenly spacing each panel out on your walls and ceiling, you can help eliminate echoing while maintaining an even and natural sound throughout the room.

Manage Reverberation in Large Rooms

Large rooms are particularly prone to echoing. This can be not only distracting, it can also muddy up other sounds in the room, such as the sound of someone speaking during a presentation or school assembly.

Our acoustic solutions are made with a sound-insulating core material which traps sound waves and controls reverberation, improving the acoustics in large rooms such as school gyms, conference rooms, dining rooms, and more.

Prevent Excessive Noise in the Classroom

Even the smallest amount of chatter between students can become unbearably noisy in classrooms where the acoustics are poor. This can be frustrating for teachers and distracting and stressful for students who may find it difficult to hear what you’re saying.

By mounting sound absorbing panels at ear height around the room, sound waves will be trapped by the fabric surface rather than bouncing around the space. This allows students to work in peace while also making it easier to hear your voice.

Reduce Stress and Distraction

The ceiling is one of the biggest sound reflectors in the room, and yet it’s often overlooked when it comes to installing acoustic treatments. By covering up to 30% of your ceiling with acoustic ceiling panels, you can enjoy vastly greater sound quality.

Our acoustic ceiling panels are designed to fit snugly into regular tile grids. They can easily be integrated into your design when first installing a dropped ceiling, or they can be retrofitted into an existing grid to replace standard tiles.

Add a Pop of Colour with Decorative Acoustic Wall Panels

Boasting multiple colour options, fabric acoustic panels are designed to integrate seamlessly into your interior decor.

You can select a single colour or purchase multiple colours to create a striking pattern on your walls and ceiling.

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Acoustic Panel FAQs

Do soundproofing panels really work?

It’s important to note the difference between soundproofing and sound absorbing. Fabric or acoustic foam panels don’t have the weight, density, or the thickness to block sound entirely. What an acoustic panel excels at is dampening sound, which means they absorb sound waves to prevent them from bouncing around the room.

If you’re looking for a sound isolating solution, you might need to look into something heavier, such as acoustic wood panels. But if you’re looking to eliminate echoing and improve the acoustic quality of a room, then fabric panels are a highly effective acoustic option.

Do acoustic panels for walls work?

When positioned correctly on your walls, sound-absorbing panels are highly effective. However, it’s important to note that the placement of your panels will have a huge impact on their performance.

For the best effect, panels should be evenly spaced, placed at ear height, and positioned in key areas such as corners and first reflection points.

Learn more about where to place acoustic panels.

Do acoustic panels reduce noise?

While acoustic panels don’t block noise, they can help mitigate it by preventing sound waves from bouncing and spreading across the room. This can help reduce perceived noise and prevent the amplification of sound which is particularly troublesome in large rooms that feature a lot of hard surfaces.

Are acoustic panels fire retardant?

Our panels are made from high-density, 100% polyester fibre which is fire-resistant, mould-proof, moisture-proof, and environmentally friendly.

Fire rating: Class A

  • FSI: 15
  • SDI: 40

What is an acoustical panel ceiling?

This is a ceiling that’s been treated with acoustic panels to diffuse and absorb sound. Panels can be secured directly to the ceiling, suspended from the ceiling as an acoustic cloud, or fitted into a dropped ceiling grid system.

Acoustic panels vs foam: Are acoustic panels better than foam?

While acoustic foam is a decent option for managing noise, acoustic panels tend to be larger, more efficient, and much more visually appealing. In terms of acoustic performance, it typically takes much more acoustic foam to achieve the same results as an acoustic panel, so you can expect more bang for your buck.

Acoustic panels vs blankets

Both acoustic panels and acoustic blankets achieve many of the same goals: deadening and dampening sound within a room. Acoustic blankets offer a little more flexibility than wall panels, but they tend to be very large and heavy so they’ll need to be hung like a large curtain.

By comparison, acoustic panels tend to be smaller and lighter, so they’re easy to hang on the walls and are also much more visually appealing. You’ll have to consider your needs and goals when choosing between these two solutions.

Acoustic panels vs diffusers

Acoustic and diffuser panels achieve largely the same thing, but they work in different ways.

While acoustic panels absorb energy, diffuser panels dissipate it, meaning sound is scattered when it hits the panel’s surface. By scattering the sound waves as they return to the room, you significantly lower the chances of echoing, while improving overall sound quality and speech clarity.

Acoustic panels are better at reducing background noise, while diffuser panels typically have the edge when it comes to improving sound quality and speech clarity.

You might  also want to consider the aesthetics of the room when making your decision. While acoustic panels are traditionally quite simple, flat, and subtle, diffuser panels feature a lot of angles and hard edges that really make them stand out in the space. This can be a good or a bad thing, depending on your style and preferences.

Acoustic panels vs curtains

Soundproof curtains are typically thick, heavy curtains that you can hang from your window frame to reduce noise. While they’re a more versatile option than permanently fixing materials to your walls, acoustic panels are much better at absorbing mid and low-frequency sound.

Can acoustic panels be painted?

While it’s certainly possible to paint your acoustic panels, we don’t recommend it.

Sound-dampening panels feature millions of tiny perforations that allow them to absorb sound. By painting them, you risk blocking this open-celled structure and impacting the panel’s effectiveness.

Will acoustic panels help with noisy neighbours?

Though they may help a little bit, acoustic panels are not designed to block noise from loud neighbours. Placing panels on your wall may help absorb some of the noise and vibrations, but not all of it.

Placing physical barriers such as dense furniture and other heavy objects in your room may be a better option for blocking out external noise.

What is the best material for acoustic panels?

Soft and pliable materials tend to be best for absorbing sound. Here are some popular materials for use in acoustic panels:

  • Polyurethane foam
  • Melamine foam
  • Fabric-wrapped fibreglass
  • Wood
  • Polyester fibre

Where to buy acoustic panels

There are plenty of fabulous options available to you when it comes to purchasing acoustic panels. At Portable Partitions Australia, we stock acoustic wall panels and acoustic ceiling panels, which are both made from high-density, 100% polyester fibre.

Why are acoustic panels so expensive?

Acoustic panels are a specialty product that needs to be made in a very particular way in order to be effective. The demand for acoustic treatment materials is also very high which can drive up the price.

Our goal is to provide acoustic treatment options that are high in quality, low in cost, and very easy to install.