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  • Sound-absorbing panels reduce echoing and noise distractions
  • ‘Peel and stick’ panels mount quickly and easily on walls
  • Acoustic tiles drop neatly into standard ceiling grids
  • Stylish design fits seamlessly into any professional setting

Sound Absorbing Panels for Sale in Canberra

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The Benefits of Our Acoustic Solutions

Fast & Reliable

Quick Delivery

Enjoy fast delivery from anywhere in Canberra

3 Year Warranty

3-Year Warranty

Up to a 3-year warranty on all material and workmanship defects

Fuss-Free Installation

Simple ‘peel and stick’ acoustic panels make installation quick and easy

No Permits or Builders

Sound-Dampening Fabric

Panels are made from sound absorbing polyester fibre with an NRC rating of 0.75

Ultimate Flexibility


The panels boast a lightweight design which makes them a breeze to move, lift, and install

Safe, Light & Durable


Our acoustic insulation solutions are mould-proof, moisture-proof, and fire-resistant

Create a Better Environment for Work or Study

Offering an acoustic solution that looks as good as it sounds, our polyester fibre panels feature a convenient ‘peel and stick’ design which makes them easy to stick to your walls.

Minimise Noise and Reverberation

Our soundproofing panels and tiles are made from polyester fibre, which acts as a sound dampening surface to prevent noise from bouncing off your walls and roof. This is a particularly good option for large rooms that feature a lot of hard surfaces which tend to reflect and amplify sound.

Improve Focus and Productivity

At work, school, or even in your own home, excessive noise and reverberation can be a big problem no matter where you are. Not only can it lead to stress, frustration, and irritability, it can also impact a person’s ability to focus on their work.

The soft surface of our acoustic products is designed to absorb soundwaves, preventing those distracting echoes from affecting staff or student productivity.

Once you’ve got acoustic panels on your walls, consider using acoustic ceiling tiles to treat the second most reflective surface in an indoor space

Enhance the Look of Any Room

Our acoustic wall panels don’t just perform well, they look great too! Their sleek and stylish design means they’ll blend seamlessly into the decor of any room, while a range of colour options means you’ll have greater freedom to customise the look of your space.

If you want to get a little creative, you can even arrange them into a striking colour pattern to create a feature wall.

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Improving School & Workplace Acoustics Throughout Australia

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