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Room Dividers and Partitions

Running out of space or unsure about how to make your work space more functional and agile? Seeking to revamp your office? Look no further. Portable Partitions’s wide range of room dividers and partitions help you organise your space efficiently and in the most cost-effective manner. Choose from a wide array of partitions that have been designed to ensure the highest quality, flexibility, and safety. Portable Partitions prides itself on creating solutions for any space dividing and design scenario. We offer customisation in color, height, and length, and dispatch your product the very next business day. Our team is here to help you select the perfect portable divider as per your unique requirements. 

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How Room Dividers And Partitions Help Re-think Your Open Office Spaces

Flexibility is the top priority in today’s ever-changing work landscape. Mobile walls and portable room dividers allow you to re-envision an open office layout instantly without the additional stress and costs associated with building works. Our mobile room dividers are acoustic walls that are completely freestanding. They require no fixings, walls, ceilings or floors. It is a mobile wall system that can be configured into infinite shapes to accommodate your specific requirements within minutes. 

Enhance Student And Classroom Productivity

Pinboard room dividers allow teachers to display data, monitor students’ progress, and make learning visual. You can add color, creativity, and brightness to your class in an instant. The 360 Degree Mobile Room Divider (fabric), which is mobile and multi-shaped, is the go-to for schools due to its ease of use, ability to pin to, and flexibility. You can create breakout areas, quiet study corners, separate study spaces, or data and art walls within minutes. These mobile dividers reduce all visual and noise distractions for students, making it easier for them to focus, concentrate, and learn. 

Classroom Partition - The 360 Degree Mobile Room Divider (fabric) - Portable Partitions
Black Movable Art Gallery Wall and hanging system with 360 Degree Mobile Room Divider

Estimating Your Budget For Room Dividers

To get an estimate of cost, you simply need to identify the approximate length of the wall needed. Typically, dividing rooms can be done by using individual straight walls that divide the room into two or alternatively utilising the existing walls and a room divider with an articulating hinge. To help you understand better, a single long wall that needs to be around 6m long and is storable would use a 2.02m height x 5.94m (7 panels) length. We typically work with 3 heights – 1.83m (6ft), 2.02m (6ft7″) and 2.29m (7ft6″). The tallest height that can fit through a standard doorway is 2.02m. 

Style & Durability Of Room Dividers

There are dividers made from thin shoji screens that go for under $100 and large, sound-proof operable wall systems that can be utilised in large auditoriums and exhibition centers. The durability of the partition stems from the make of the panel. Portable divider screens can be made from a Japanese paper called washi, a fabric acoustic panel that has a honeycomb core and fabric covering (360 Degree mobile room divider) but does not work if it gets damp. The alternative is polycarbonate, which is a non-porous engineered plastic and can be washed wet or dry (360 Degree acoustic room divider polycarbonate). 

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