Operable Walls

Divide large, tall and open spaces quickly and easily.

Loved by teachers, nurses, and general staff our range of Prefabricated Operable Walls are the easiest to use on the Australian Market and are popularly used in classrooms, meeting rooms, medical facilities, retail, offices and convention centres to divide floor space as needed.

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How to choose between our Operable Walls

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Folding design

Units up to 3.75m high - 5.6m long

Our folding walls are the most flexible of them both, allowing you to open and configure your Operable Wall in any shape or form.

With each panel moving independently, this futureproof design works best if multiple configurations may be needed overtime. It also is more efficient in terms of cost per wall length.

Sliding design

Units up to 3.75m high - 4.6m long

Our sliding or telescoping Operable Wall design only opens in a straight line, but the whole wall can still pivot from the mounting point for added flexibility.

The simplicity of these operable walls comes at the cost of less wall length per dollar spent when compared to a folding design due to the slight overlap between panels.

Benefits of our range of Operable Walls

Flexible Environments

Flexible Environments

Need to improve acoustics or divide a large space in two? Our hand-built operable walls offer you an affordable and unique alternative to divide open spaces while keeping them modern and aesthetic. If you need to open the space up again simply stack panels together to close the wall.

Our operable walls are completely customisable and designed in a range of dimensions and fabric finishes that suit the functional criteria of any project and business while doing a brilliant job at dividing your large, open area.

No Tracks, No Hassle

Wall mounted on one side and supported on their own caster wheels, we manufacture our gravity based Operable Walls to roll smoothly with no ceiling or floor track required, making daily operation simple and easy.

By working without ceiling or floor tracks, our range eliminates the need for especially built structural beams, complex engineering work, landlord permits and builders on site, speeding up the installation process from months to minutes

No Tracks, No Hassle
HVAC Friendly Product

HVAC Friendly Product

Our operable partition walls provide more coverage than other types of partitions but leave a 5 cm gap at the top and the bottom to not affect HVAC flow, therefore eliminating the need to get building code or council permits for installations.

With air flowing freely even with the wall closed, you can change the size of any space in a matter of seconds

Best bang for your buck

Track based Operable Walls with acoustic seals are incredible products that provide good sound ratings and visual privacy, but at a price tag and timeline you may not be able to work with.

Our products are designed for people who need to visually separate two areas effectively and can compromise on some of the acoustic performance, but don't have the budget for a track based system or can't wait several months to install a solution.

From as little as $680 a metre, our acoustic panels will provide moderate sound reduction. Fast to install and easy to use on a daily basis our Operable Partition Walls will give you the best bang for your buck.

Best bang for your buck
Loved by Staff & Facility Managers alike

Loved by Staff & Facility Managers alike

Teachers, nurses and office managers operate our operable walls on a daily basis in different environments like classrooms, offices, meeting rooms and convention centres, and it is not uncommon that once they've bought and tested one they decide they need some more.

Unlike other systems that are slow and cumbersome to open or close, our operable partitions have been designed with our end users experience in mind as well as to meet stakeholders expectations by giving facility managers a fast alternative to urgent business requirements.

Multiple Applications

Popular business applications of our Australian made Operable Walls are:

  • Improving acoustics in meeting rooms and offices
  • Dividing classrooms in Schools and Universities
  • Organising retail and industrial warehouses of
  • Hospitality venues like hotels, restaurants, and casinos
  • Recreational and reception centres
Multiple Applications

General Operable Wall Specifications


Panel Edges

Clear anodised aluminium frames.

Surface Finishes

Pushpin accepting fabric finishes in black, charcoal, cloud grey, navy blue, yellow, red, beige or any combination.

Panel Width

1.2m panels

Panel Thickness

50mm acoustic panel

Installation Requirements


Rolling surface should be flat, even and made of only one material, not where different floor materials join like carpet joining a hard surface. For example only carpet is ok.

Mounting Wall

Wall does not need to be structural as the connection is not weight bearing. It only needs to stop lateral movement.

Acoustic Performance

Panel Sound Rating

Our acoustic panels have an NRC value of approximately 0.5. The NRC value indicates how much sound a material will absorb when sound waves hit it, but is not equivalent to the perceived noise reduction of an installed product. This will vary on a case by case basis.

Acoustic Seals

No acoustic seals

Closure Systems

Sliding (telescoping) or Folding (accordion) designs

Budget & Value Estimation

From $680 inc. GST per metre + shipping costs.


3 year product warranty on defects in materials and workmanship from the date of delivery


Normal customisation includes any combination of the 7 fabric colour finishes available.

For additional customisation options including incorporating polycarbonate windows, a door or manufaturing taller or longer walls than advertised, get in touch with our customer service team.

Operable Walls available Australia wide

Manufactured in our local factory, our Operable Walls are delivered daily to our customers Australia wide to locations including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide and New Zealand. Get in touch for accurate shipping times or check our delivery page.

Need help buying Operable Walls?

We've got you covered. Our team has created a short guide to help you understand the different types of operable wall systems sold in Australia, the differences between these products and which one is the best option for your needs and budget.

If you want to speak with a specialist our customer service team is happy to help you make an informed decision

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