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Office Partitions, Dividers & Screens

The most trusted office partitions for Sydney offices

Office Partitions Dividers
Office Partitions Dividers
Office Partitions Dividers
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Office Partitions Dividers
Office Partitions Dividers
Office Partitions Dividers

Discover our most popular office partitions in Sydney

Portable Office Partitions
Mobile Office Partitions
  • Portable or wall mountable
  • Up to 2.3m high and 7.6m long
  • Configurable in any shape or straight line
  • Pinnable sound dampening or wipeable surface
From $1195
Office Partition Walls
Operable Office Partition Walls
  • Wall mounted
  • Up to 3.7m high and 5.9m long
  • Configurable in any shape or straight line
  • Pinnable sound dampening fabric surface
From $2530
Cubicle Systems
Modular Office Cubicles
  • Simple panel and post system
  • Custom height, 1.2m or 1.8m high panels
  • Sound dampening fabric with optional windows
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Privacy Office Dividers
Freestanding Office Screens
  • Wheel, feet or no feet options available
  • Up to 2m high and 2.5m long
  • Configurable in any shape or straight line
  • Pinnable fabric is designed to dampen sound
From $890

Optimise your Sydney office workspace with office partitions

Portable Office Partitions Sydney

Portable office partitions are a great option for breaking up your office space without having to make permanent changes to your building.

Perfect for sectioning off areas without the need to pay expensive fitout costs, our Telescoping Portable Wall can be set up in seconds and extends to 4.72 metres with a simple straight line telescoping function.

If you’re looking for a little more versatility, our 360 Degree Portable Room Divider features fully articulating hinges that allow you to create private workspaces that suit the layout of your office. Extending up to 7.6m long this free standing office partition can also be combined with more units to create even longer dividers.

From $ 1195

Portable or wall mountable
Up to 2.3m high and 7.6m long

Internal office partition walls

From $ 1195

Up to 2.3m high and 7.6m long

Internal room partitions Sydney

Permanent walls and dividers can be expensive, and don’t give you the freedom to customise your office as your business grows.

Offering a simpler, more flexible and more cost effective means of dividing up the space, our Sliding Wall Mounted Room Divider opens in a straight line in seconds, and can be folded away just as easily when not in use.

Alternatively, our 360 Degree Folding Room Divider wall mounted boasts the some discrete footprint as the sliding wall, but with the added versatility of fully articulating hinges that allow you to create rooms of a variety of shapes and sizes.

These demountable office partitions are an essential divider for every Sydney office

Office Partition Walls Sydney

For maximum comfort and productivity in the workplace, floor-to-ceiling partition walls offer excellent sound dampening qualities, making them a fantastic choice for busy Sydney offices.

Custom built to suit the needs of your business, our range of operable partition walls can be designed with just 5cm of clearance at the top and bottom to block out sound and offer private spaces where employees can work productively.

Our Operable Wall (sliding) features a convenient telescoping design that can be opened and closed in a straight line. If you’re looking for something a little more flexible, our Operable Wall (Folding) features fully articulating hinges, which can be configured to whatever shape you need.

High operable office partitions walls

From $2530

Wall mounted
Up to 3.7m high and 5.9m long

DIY office cubicles
Cloud Gray workstation Cubicles with polycarbonate tops

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Custom heights, 1.2m or 1.8m high panels

Cubicle Systems Sydney

When it comes to purchasing office furniture, your business is better off with something that leaves room to grow.

Designed to change with you, our Configurable Cubicle Partitions come with a simple panel and post system that makes them easy to set up, rearrange and customise at any time.

With the ability to be lengthened and shortened according to the needs of your business and the space available, our free standing modular office cubicles can easily be reorganised whenever you need.

Office Screens Sydney

While open plan offices may seem like the best way to maximise space, they can have a negative impact on your team’s productivity. With so much noise and activity going on at all times, working out in the open can be intimidating and distracting for your staff.

Designed to respect your employees’ need for privacy, our Open Plan Office Privacy Screens offer the peace and seclusion staff need to get to work. Given their own private space, your employees will be able to work more comfortably and productively, while the superior sound dampening fabric helps them focus in the office.

Privacy screens for office cubicles

From $890

On feet
Up to 1.8m high and 2.5m long

Freestanding office screens

From $890

On wheels or on feet
Up to 2m high and 2.5m long

Cheap office partitions Sydney

The one thing that’s certain in business is that nothing is certain. So when it comes to dividing up your office, you can never underestimate the value of a solution that’s easy to change in the future.

Our Office Screens are easy to set up, easy to take down, and designed to pack away when not in use. This means you can customise your layout whenever you want, and if you ever need to move, your partitions can come with you to reduce the cost of your next office fitout!

With options for a variety of fabric colours and the choice of two different heights, your concertina folding partitions can be customised to suit the interior design of your office, and the needs of your employees.

Fabric Desk Screens

An environment that encourages collaboration and teamwork is important, but so is respecting your employees’ need for privacy.

Giving your staff the space they need to work independently without constant distractions or interruptions, our Desk Screens are designed to block the view between workstations so that your employees can work comfortably and focus on their projects.

Fabric clamp on desk screens also provide protection from germs to help reduce the spread of illness in the workplace.

Office desk dividers

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Custom heights, 1.2m or 1.8m high panels

Office partitions manufactured right here in Sydney

Offering a range of office partition products, from desk screens and cubicles, through to folding dividers and free standing office partitions, our office dividers are built to order right here in our Sydney factory, and shipped to our Sydney customers within just three days.

The Portable Partitions Difference

Dedicated to helping businesses create a safer, more comfortable and more productive work environment for their employees, our partitions are affordable, convenient and built to the highest quality.

Shipping New South Wales we deliver same week shipping to any NSW location, including Sydney metro Newcastle and other regional areas within the state

Why Portable Partitions Australia is the right choice for you

Like most office furniture, you want office dividers that will suit your needs now and long into the future.

Designed to provide ultimate flexibility, our products can be custom made to suit your needs and can be easily folded down and packed away when not in use.

With no need to pay for expensive structural changes, you’ll be able to set up your office quickly, easily and to your utmost satisfaction with portable partitions. That means you can enjoy the freedom to design and redesign your office workspace again and again.

Versatile Office Acoustic Solutions

While office partitions offer some acoustic benefits, they might not address all acoustic challenges, even if you install an acoustically sealed operable wall. When acoustic are a priority, acoustic panels Sydney serve as a complementary acoustic solution, enhancing sound quality and reducing office distractions.

Need help finding the right solution for your Sydney office?

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