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Office Partitions Dividers
Office Partitions Dividers
Office Partitions Dividers
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Office Partitions Dividers
Office Partitions Dividers
Office Partitions Dividers
360 Degree Acoustic Portable Room Divider

Great way to create smaller meeting
areas within a large space!

‘The portable room dividers supplied by PPA are a great way for us to create smaller meeting areas within a large space that has given us problems for a while.

It was important the room divider could be set-up and easily handled by one person and I’ve moved it twice myself today between floors via the elevator with no problems.

We can see that the product will provide multiple usage opportunities for our office over the coming years.’

Craig Grant, Facilities Co-Ordinator from Agilent Technologies – Melbourne

Office Partitions Melbourne Categories

Discover our most popular office partitions in Melbourne

Free Standing Office Partitions
Mobile Office Partitions
  • Portable or wall mountable
  • Up to 2.3m high and 7.6m long
  • Configurable in any shape or straight line
  • Pinnable sound dampening or wipeable surface
From $1195
Office Partition Walls
Operable Office Partition Walls
  • Wall mounted
  • Up to 3.7m high and 5.9m long
  • Configurable in any shape or straight line
  • Pinnable sound dampening fabric surface
From $2530
Office Partitioning Systems
Modular Office Cubicles
  • Panel post system to create any cubicle size
  • Custom height, 1.2m or 1.8m high panels
  • Sound dampening fabric with optional windows
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Privacy Office Dividers
Freestanding Office Screens
  • Portable (on wheels) or on feet
  • Up to 2m high and 2.5m long
  • Configurable in any shape or straight line
  • Pinnable sound dampening fabric surface
From $890

Our best partition solutions for Melbourne offices

Free standing Office Partitions Melbourne

Looking for a flexible, free standing partition solution that allows you to change the layout of your office whenever and however you want?

Easy to set up and featuring fully articulating hinges, our 360 Degree Portable Room Divider can be opened, closed and configured to suit any space in your Melbourne office.

If you’re looking for a free standing office partition that only needs to open in a straight line, our Telescoping Portable Wall is the simple, convenient and affordable way to divide up your office space.

Available in both a pinnable sound dampening fabric finish or in a wipeable polycarbonate surface our freestanding office partitions are essential office furniture that every melbourne office should have.

From $ 1195

Portable or wall mountable
Up to 2.3m high and 7.6m long

Internal office partition walls

From $ 1195

Up to 2.3m high and 7.6m long

Demountable office partitions Melbourne

Searching for a demountable office partition that can be attached to your wall in minutes?

At just a fraction of the cost of studded wall or fitted glass partitions, our wheel-mounted office partitions can be opened and closed with ease, allowing you to create an office or meeting area in just seconds.

When space is tight and all you need is a demountable office partition that opens in a straight line, our Sliding Wall Mounted Room Divider can be opened and closed whenever you like, giving you the privacy you need during conferences and meetings.

For a little more versatility, our wall-mountable 360 Degree Folding Room Divider wall mounted can be used to create a variety of rooms of different shapes and sizes.

Office wall partitions Melbourne

Wish you could get wall-to-floor coverage when dividing your office space without requiring permission from your landlord?

Custom built to suit any Melbourne office space, our office wall partitions can be designed with only 5cm of clearance at the top and bottom, giving you an attractive visual barrier that offers excellent sound dampening properties.

For a tall office wall partition that slides in a straight line, check out our Operable Wall (sliding), or, if you’re looking for a little more versatility in your configuration, take a look at our Operable Wall (Folding) option.

Unlike traditional operable walls both options are gravity based and simply wall mounted for stability without requiring a structural beam or heavy engineering costs before installation

High operable office partitions walls

From $2530

Wall mounted
Up to 3.7m high and 5.9m long

Cloud Gray workstation Cubicles with polycarbonate tops
Cloud Gray workstation Cubicles with polycarbonate tops

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Custom heights, 1.2m or 1.8m high panels

Office partitioning systems Melbourne

Looking for an office partitioning system that allows you to set up your office cubicles quickly?

Design and create your new office layout in minutes with our Modular Office Cubicles.

No matter the size or layout you require, our DIY office cubicles allow you to custom-build your cubicle network with a simple panel and post system that lets you fit out your office space at just a fraction of the cost.

Our modular office cubicles can be shortened or lengthened to suit the size of your workforce and the space available to you.

Privacy office dividers Melbourne

Want to offer your employees more privacy as they work?

Perfect for desks that are out in the open and exposed to the rest of the office, our privacy screens for office cubicles offer a little extra privacy to help increase productivity and comfort for your employees.

From $890

On feet
Up to 1.8m high and 2.5m long

Privacy screens for office cubicles
Freestanding office screens

From $890

On wheels or on feet
Up to 2m high and 2.5m long

Cheap office partitions Melbourne

Searching for a simple and cost-effective office partition system that can be packed away for easy storage?

Our freestanding office screens are perfect for creating a visual barrier that offers your employees additional privacy as they work.

With options for feet, no feet or wheels, our high quality but affordable office partitions can create instant privacy in any Melbourne office.

Lightweight and collapsible, these office screens can be neatly packed away, making them a convenient and versatile resource that won’t take up too much space when not in use.

Office desk partitions Melbourne

Want to boost productivity by offering extra privacy between connected workstations?

Our Office Desk Partitions are an affordable and convenient way of separating neighbouring workstations and blocking the view between employees.

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Custom heights, 1.2m or 1.8m high panels

Office desk dividers

Office partitions for Melbourne manufactured in Australia

Our range of office partitions, office dividers and office screens operable walls available in Melbourne are built to order and shipped directly to our Melbourne customers every day.

The Portable Partitions Difference

As Melbourne office partition suppliers we strive to deliver flexible, fast and affordable office furniture that help offices in Melbourne create a more productive and enjoyable workplace for their employees.

Melbourne shipping and services

We ship Victoria wide daily and are able to provide same week shipping to both Melbourne metro and Dandenong areas. The installation of our office partitions range is simple and can be usually done by yourself or your office handyman. For special orders that are custom built and not part of our normal product range we have partnered with contractors in Melbourne and Victoria wide to help you with your office setup anywhere in Melbourne.

Convenient Office Acoustic Solutions Melbourne Wide

While office partitions provide some acoustic advantages, it’s not their main objective and they might not tackle all acoustic issues, even when an acoustic operable wall is installed. When acoustics are a priority within an office space, we recommend complementing with acoustic panels Melbourne to enhance sound quality, reduce reverb and minimising office distractions

Let us help you find the right office dividers to suit your needs

Whatever you’re looking for in an office partitioning system, we’ll help you find it.
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What we offer our Melbourne Office Partition Customers

With the flexibility to customise your office partitioning systems, you can divide office spaces quickly, easily and in a more cost-effective manner.

Giving you the freedom to redesign your office layout however and whenever you wish, without the need to make big structural changes, your office space will always suit the changing needs of you and your staff.

Our Melbourne office partitions come in a variety of shapes and sizes, offering privacy, reducing noise and creating extra office space to increase productivity and improve the wellbeing of your office-based teams.

Why use office partitions

Office dividers, screens and cubicles help easy space management in your office as well as helping employees be more productive and comfortable at work quickly and in a very cost effective way