Hair and Beauty Salon Dividers & Protection Screens

  • Ensure social distancing between customers
  • Create private spaces when required
  • Define different areas within your salon
  • Create a discrete storage space
Hair and Beauty Salon Dividers & Protection Screens

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Ensure social distancing is complied

When furniture is fixed and can’t be moved, ensuring social distancing between customers is almost impossible unless you leave every other chair empty.

For small business working at 50% capacity just is not sustainable, but fortunately there are practical ways to reduce risk and operate as before.

Screens that reduce the likelihood of aerosols reaching from one customer to another are a cost effective way to mitigate the risk of customers sitting right next to each other.

Ensure social distancing is complied
Make your customers feel safe

Make your customers feel safe

Since COVID started our personal space and the way we interact with people has changed forever.

With social distancing at the front of everybody’s mind we are definitely not as comfortable as we once were being close to people we don’t know.

Grocery stores like Coles and Woolworths noticed this immediately and setup sneeze guards between self checkout stations and between their staff and their customers. The result? We just got used to that kind of protection to the point where we expect it. And this is going to be the new norm moving forward.

Highly durable, easy to clean, 100% waterproof and dispatched Australia and New Zealand wide the next day we’ve created floor standing screens exclusively for the beauty and hairdressing industry to help your customers feel safe while you take care of them.

The details that show them that you care

When privacy is a must having the capability of setting up a custom private area or changing room in an instant is way to show your customers you know and care about what’s important to them.

With portable privacy screens you can create private spaces around your existing furniture for that client who really needs it.

Once they experience this comfort in your salon there is no way they could go back to feeling uncomfortable or treated in a different way. You’ll be winning more loyal customers every day.

The details that show them that you care

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