Acoustic Panels Melbourne | Panel Acoustic Treatment

  • Acoustic panels absorb soundwaves to manage noise and echoing
  • ‘Peel and stick’ design makes the panels easy to secure to the wall
  • Acoustic tiles fit easily into standard ceiling grids
  • Multiple panel colour options to suit your space

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Improve the Acoustics in Any Room With Sound Absorbing Panels

Explore the Benefits of Acoustic Treatment Panels

Fast & Reliable

Fast Shipping

Panels are shipped to any location in Melbourne within just 4 business days

3 Year Warranty

3-Year Warranty

Each panel comes covered by a 3-year warranty on material and workmanship defects

Easy to Install

‘Peel and stick’ acoustic panels for fuss-free installation

No Permits or Builders

Superior Acoustic Performance

Polyester fibre panel boasts an NRC rating of 0.75 to improve the acoustics in any room

Ultimate Flexibility

Light as a Feather

Panels are made from sturdy yet lightweight materials for easy lifting and installation

Safe, Light & Durable

Durable and Safe

Each panel is fire-resistant, mould-proof, moisture-proof, and environmentally friendly

Enhance Any Space with School & Office Acoustic Panels

At school, in the office, or at home, poor acoustics and excessive noise can be an unwelcome source of stress and distraction in any environment. Featuring a convenient ‘peel and stick’ design, our acoustic panelling solutions are easy to secure to your walls to enhance the acoustics of the room.

We also offer sound-dampening ceiling tiles at a low price, so you can enjoy that extra level of acoustic control.

Support Focus and Productivity with Soundproof Panels Melbourne

Minimise noise, maximise productivity, and offer staff, students, and visitors the relief they’ve been dreaming of with our high-performance acoustic panels. Made from sound-dampening polyester fibre, our fabric panels are designed to improve the acoustics in any room by absorbing soundwaves directly into the soft surface.

Acoustic Panels Help Manage Echoing in Large Rooms

Large rooms with a lot of open space and hard, reflective surfaces can quickly become an acoustic nightmare. That’s because soundwaves tend to bounce off the bare walls, resulting in echoing while amplifying the noise.

Our acoustic panel solutions are designed to absorb these soundwaves to prevent reverberation. Each acoustic panel boasts an NRC rating of 0.75, making it a quick, easy, and low cost method of managing noise in large rooms.

Brighten Up Any Space with a Striking Acoustic Panel Design

Our panel solutions don’t just improve the acoustics of the room, they can enhance the look of it too!

With a gorgeous finish and a range of stylish colours to choose from, our acoustic panels and ceiling tiles are designed to blend seamlessly into the decor of any space. Alternatively, you can turn your panels into a design feature by arranging them into a colourful pattern on the wall.

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