SoundSorb Acoustic Panels (Wall-Mounted)



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We have recently launched the new SoundSorb Wall-Mounted Acoustic Panels to allow restaurants, hotels, offices and homes combat acoustic issues within budget and with style. The idea is to have the option of a neutral looking and functional acoustic absorber that heavily reduces the reverberation in a room.

These acoustical panels will stay out of your way while minimising excess noise. With multiple colours, shapes and sizes, these effective and light weight acoustical panels will provide an attractive and modern look to your space.

From the bottle to the panel – Our acoustical products are made from PET bottles which are turned into a soft yet strong material that is durable and has great acoustical performance.

Made from high-density 100% polyester fibres, our new acoustical panels are extremely lightweight. While providing spectacular sound dampening for noisy spaces, they are also fire resistant, mould-proof, moisture-proof and environmentally friendly.

Popular in board rooms, offices, studios, theatres, schools.

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Black, Blue, Cloud grey