Portable Glassless Dance Mirror

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Introducing our Glassless & Shatterproof Portable Dance Mirror – the most practical portable glassless dance mirrors for:

  • dance studios
  • ballet schools
  • schools
  • gyms
  • therapy and rehab centres.

With 3 year warranty and next day dispatch you can ensure our Australian manufactured portable dance mirrors are the best choice for you!

If you have any further questions, please get in touch and our customer service team will take care of it!

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Double-Sided Highly Reflective Polycarbonate:

Unlike traditional mirrors that only offer a reflective surface on one side, our portable dance mirror come with a double-sided reflection to get more bang for your buck. Manufactured with highly reflective polycarbonate, it guarantees perfect visibility from both sides.

Glassless & Shatterproof Material:

Safety is our priority, and we understand the importance of building a product that can stand rigorous use and the test of time. Embrace the peace of mind of our glassless and shatterproof polycarbonate and say goodbye to the fear of broken glass in your studio. As approved vendors for the education department in every state we ensure our products are safe to use for all users, including children. Round edges, stable design that doesn’t tip over and no protruding parts that can harm people in case of collision, we’ve thought of everything!

Portable & User-Friendly Design:

Forget about the hassles of heavy lifting and awkward manoeuvring. Perfect for those who need to quickly adapt their space for different activities or classes, our portable mirror’s can be easily rolled to any part of the building by anyone thanks to their smooth rolling wheels. Once the activity is over, our dance mirrors on wheels conveniently folds into a small and compact size for easy and hassle free storage.

Unmatched Versatility:

From dance practice to physiotherapy sessions, its double-sided reflection serves a diverse array of purposes whether it’s to correct your posture or to stay in sync meanwhile you perform!

Safety Ensured:

The glassless and shatterproof nature of our polycarbonate makes it suitable for all ages and use-cases, eliminating the risk associated with traditional glass mirrors that can break at anytime.

Convenient Mobility:

Easy transportation within the building or space that aligns with the ever changing and dynamic needs of schools, gyms, and recovery centres.

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1.2m (1 panel), 3.75m (3 panels), 6.2m (5 panels)