Freestanding Portable Privacy Screen (Polycarbonate)

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Portable Partitions’s Freestanding Privacy Screen is one of our most popular solutions that offers both sight and sound privacy for a variety of applications. It is a lightweight and easily storable 3-panel room divider. Each panel of this Privacy Screen is made up of spray-cleanable polycarbonate plastic. Its sleek design never overcrowds a room. Privacy will never be an issue with this functional and sturdy room divider! 

  • The acoustical tri-fold panels are connected with a 360-degree hinge, which makes set-up and storage a smooth and easy process
  • The aluminum frame provides increased structural durability
  • Polycarbonate panels allow you to enjoy privacy while still maintaining a certain level of visibility and light passage (between 12% and 82%)
  • Pick from one of the three heights –  1.78m / 1.97m / 2.24m. The length of partition goes up to 2.54m
  • Polycarbonate panels provide UV cover via surface 
  • Pick from 4 different panel options – Grey, White, Clear, and Black
  • The privacy screen touches the floor


We also have the same partition available in acoustical flame-retardant fabric. 

Infinite Possibilities

Expand this partition into shape- a straight line, curved “C”, “L” or zig-zag configuration

Superior Sound

Engineered fluted polycarbonate panels enhance sound dampening and provide greater acoustic control

Simple Maintenance

Don’t worry about dirt or damage; our polycarbonate plastic panels are 100% waterproof and easy to clean

Customize & Personalize

Select from a wide range of fabrics and finishing options to create the ideal space

Safety Standards

No-pinch seams reduce the chances of your fingers getting caught during installation and transport

Pack & Store

Extruded and lightweight aluminum partition is easy to close, move, and store

Quick Assembly

Have your set-up ready to go in just 5 minutes with simple assembly

Manufactured in Australia

Designed & produced at our Sydney factory using the highest quality components

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Black, Clear, Grey, White


1.78m, 1.98m, 2.24m