Operable Walls Perth

Transforming Spaces for Western Australia’s Industry Leaders 

From the Kimberley to the Great Southern region and everywhere in between, industry leaders in Perth and throughout Western Australia are turning to Portable Partitions Australia to maximise their space.

Turning every room into a multi-purpose space, our operable walls are designed to mount easily to a wall, roll into position in moments, and then roll back up for convenient storage when not in use. This makes them a popular partitioning solution for Perth-based businesses operating out of a rented building where permanent alterations may be impractical.

Folding Operable Walls

Operable Wall (Folding)

  • Wall mounted folding design
  • Up to 3.7m high and 5.9m long
  • Configurable in any shape or straight line
  • Pinnable fabric is designed to dampen sound

$2,530 – $6,080

Operable Wall (Sliding)

  • Wall mounted telescoping design
  • Up to 3.7m high and 4.6m long
  • Configurable in any shape or straight line
  • Pinnable fabric is designed to dampen sound

$2,530 – $6,080

Find Your Perfect Operable Wall Solution in Perth

If you’re looking for a little guidance on what style of operable wall would best suit your space, we’d be happy to help you. Contact customer service today and one of our partitioning experts will be there to answer any questions you might have. 

Folding Operable Walls Perth

Maximum height of 3.75m and maximum length of 5.6m.

Featuring fully articulating hinges that allow the panels to be configured to any shape you require, our folding operable walls are amongst our most popular partitions in Western Australia.

Made from lightweight yet high-quality materials and set on smooth-rolling wheels that glide effortlessly over carpet and hard floors, our operable walls can be set up in moments by just about anyone. The flexible folding design allows you freedom to customise your room in any way you desire, which is a great option for ‘future-proofing’ an area that may serve a variety of functions.

Sliding Operable Walls Perth

Maximum height of 3.75m and maximum length of 4.6m.

A straightforward design with a simple telescoping function, sliding operable walls are the perfect option for spaces that simply need to be divided in two. The first panel attaches to the wall with the same pivoting connection point as our folding operable walls, giving you a little more freedom to decide the direction it opens when dividing up your space.

Due to their overlapping panels, this style of partition is a little bit shorter than the folding variant.

How Perth Businesses are Benefiting from Operable Walls

Flexible Environments

Transforming Spaces in WA

Whether you’re based in Perth’s CBD or out in rural WA, businesses, schools, hospitals, and more can maximise their space with operable walls.

Turning large areas into multipurpose rooms, and then folding back up again to open up the space when needed, our operable walls are the flexible, cost-effective, and convenient solution for businesses throughout Western Australia. The partitions are designed to mount to the wall with ease, and roll into position in moments without the need for heavy lifting. For other freestanding units or modular office cubicles as well as operable walls check out our Office Partitions Perth range

Controlling Sound

Noise control is going to be a challenge no matter which industry you’re working in, which is why at Portable Partitions Australia, we aim to offer Perth businesses an acoustic partitioning solution that won’t break the bank.

Mounting to the wall to allow for a taller design, our operable walls come covered in a pinnable fabric which offers outstanding acoustic performance. Absorbing sound to minimise noise and echoing within the space, these panels can be used to create a quieter and more comfortable environment where people can focus on their work without distraction.

HVAC Friendly Product

No Tracks. No Builders. No Worries!

While more permanent solutions such as roof-mounted partitions may offer greater sound isolating properties, installing them is a costly and time-consuming process that requires the services of a professional builder. And even once installed, many people find this style of partition slow, frustrating, and awkward to set up.

Not so with our operable walls!

Set on smooth-rolling castors and mounted to a wall at one end without the need for support beams, a track system, or permanent alterations, operable walls are so easy to put together you can assemble them yourself with minimal building experience.

And should you ever need to relocate to a new premises, you can simply detach the partition from the wall and transport it to your new location, saving you money on future furniture and office fitouts.

HVAC-Friendly Operable Walls in Perth

Featuring a 5cm gap at the top and the bottom, the unique design of our operable walls means that they won’t compromise HVAC flow.

Allowing air, heat, and air conditioning to move uninhibited through your space means that you can benefit from the acoustic performance of these partitions without requiring council or building permits to install them.

Best bang for your buck
Loved by Staff & Facility Managers alike

Western Australia’s Most Popular Operable Wall Solutions

Loved by industry leaders throughout Western Australia, from Bunbury to Broome, our operable walls are being put to a range of uses across a wide variety of industries.

From government sectors to hospitals and schools, partitions can be used to transform any space in moments. The high-quality materials make them an excellent option for long-term use, while the lightweight and highly portable design means they can be operated by almost anyone and are well-suited to temporary and rented buildings.

Any Industry. Any Location. A Variety of Uses

The highly flexible and ‘use anywhere’ design of our wall mounted room dividers allows for almost complete freedom to customise your space. Here’s some examples of how industry leaders throughout Perth are using their operable walls. 

  • Dampening sound and minimising reverberation in large rooms
  • Breaking large areas into separate classrooms at schools and universities
  • Altering the layout of gyms in preparation for public events
  • Creating storage spaces for retail and industrial warehouses
  • Dividing large restaurant dining spaces into separate sections and function rooms
  • Establishing temporary meeting rooms while maintaining an open plan design for Perth offices
Multiple Applications

Operable Wall Specifications for Western Australian Businesses


Panel Edges

Clear anodised aluminium frames.

Surface Finishes

Pinnable fabric with finish options in black, charcoal, cloud grey, navy blue, yellow, red, beige or any combination.

Panel Width

1.2m panels

Panel Thickness

50mm acoustic panel

Installation Requirements


Operable walls can be used on both hard surfaces and carpeted floors as long as the area is flat and even. The floor must be made from a single material as the transition between a hard surface and a carpeted one can compromise the stability of the walls and damage the sliding or folding mechanism over time.

Wall Mounting

As operable walls are set on rolling castors, securing the first panel to your wall is for stability purposes only. The connection point is not designed for load-bearing, and therefore there’s no need for permanent or structural alterations.

Acoustic Performance

Panel Sound Rating

Our operable wall panels are rated at an NRC value of approximately 0.5. This number indicates how much sound is absorbed by the surface, but does not tell you the perceived noise reduction in a room, as this will vary depending on the space.

Acoustic Seals

Our operable partition walls possess no acoustic seals.

Closure Systems

Depending on your space and needs, you can choose between a sliding (telescoping) and a folding (accordion) closing system.

Budget & Value Estimation

Prices start at $680 (inc. GST) per metre + shipping.


3 year product warranty on material and workmanship defects from the date of delivery.


With a combination of 7 colour finishes to choose from, you can customise the look and style of your operable walls to best suit your needs.

For additional alterations, such as polycarbonate windows, doors, or different sizes, please contact the Portable Partitions team to discuss your requirements.

Operable Walls for Perth Manufactured in Australia

Built to order in our Australian factory, your operable walls will be dispatched directly to your business in Perth or rural Western Australia on the next business day, ready for assembly without the need for professional installation.

Aussie Quality

Made in Australia

Manufactured and shipped
directly from our Sydney factory

Fast & Reliable

Next Day Dispatch

Nobody beats us on time to dispatch,
quality construction or price

3 Year Warranty

3 Year Warranty

Up to 3 year warranty on materials
and workmanship defects

Offering you greater control over your space without ever needing to commit to a single layout or design, our operable walls can be installed quickly and removed just as easily, making them one of the most portable, convenient, and cost-effective options on the market.

Perth Shipping and Services

From Greater Perth to rural Western Australia, regardless of whether you’re a hospital operating in Albany, or a government office in the CBD, you can enjoy fast delivery, quick support, and a quality service from Portable Partitions Australia.

All of our operable walls are built to order in our Australian factory, with next-day dispatch and delivery in just 7 to 14 business days to any region in WA.

Your operable walls will arrive in a semi-assembled state to minimise shipping costs and delivery times while also making the package easier to handle. The walls are so easy to build, you can finish putting them together yourself in as little as an hour.

Need Help Selecting Your Operable Walls?

If you’re looking for support or guidance on which operable walls would best suit your needs, simply give us a call or fill out the form below to get in touch with one of our friendly customer service team members.

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Why Portable Partitions Australia?

Trusted by industry leaders throughout Western Australia, including the Western Australian Department of Health, there’s a partitioning solution for everyone at Portable Partitions Australia.

With a lightweight, highly portable, and extremely versatile design, our operable walls can be used by anyone in any industry and in almost any room. The fully articulating hinges of our folding operable walls allow for a wide range of configurations that can be changed in moments depending on your needs and the space available to you. The walls can also be taken down and moved to a new location, potentially saving you thousands when relocating to a new premises.

What We Offer Our Perth Customers

Operating from our factory in Australia, we’re dedicated to offering Australian businesses the flexibility they need to get the most from their space.

With fast delivery, expert advice from Aussie partitioning professionals, reliable service and communication, and a generous 3 year warranty on every product, you can be confident in a partitioning solution you can rely on.

And if you ever have any questions or concerns, our team will be available to speak to you over the phone or via email.