Create Additional Meeting Rooms Using Sliding Office Partitions

According to Jon Ryburg, an organisational psychologist and President of the Facility Performance Group who advises companies on office design and ‘meeting ergonomics’, “More and more companies are team-based companies, and in team-based companies most work gets done in meetings.”

Basically, he tells his clients to double their meeting space if they have not done so in the past couple of decades. For him, as with other scholars who do extensive study and research on how to drive team effectiveness, teamwork remains desirable and meetings are more likely to increase.

Sims Metal Management, the world’s leading metals and electronics recycler, was on track in bumping into this subject. They are a big company with over 200 locations in 5 continents, and more than 5,500 employees working on a handful of team-based projects. With their existing framework, additional meeting rooms are always a welcoming sight.

They wanted to split a bigger meeting room into 2 smaller meetings rooms. This is to create more meeting spaces, allowing separate teams to conduct separate meetings simultaneously.

In doing so, they also want to easily revert to the bigger room in case the situation calls for it. Whatever the solution may be, it has to have acoustic properties to maintain an acceptable level of privacy and noise reduction between the 2 smaller meeting rooms.

After considering permanent dry-wall options, the client decided to go for sliding office partitions, particularly the Telescoping Acoustic Portable Partition in fabric finish.

The sliding office partitions used had enough height to split the 2 meeting rooms. It also opens up telescopically to a length of up to 3.43 meters for a full wall-to-wall coverage (options are available for panel height and length).

The panels of the sliding office partitions were also engineered with acoustic panels manufactured from a honeycomb cell core, fibreglass sheets on both sides, providing the needed acoustic support. An option for a whiteboard panel instead of fabric is also available.

What’s best, if the bigger room is needed, the sliding office partitions can easily slide back to minimise the length, occupying a very small footprint when not in use.

If your company values teamwork, and regular meetings are what drives productive work, you may want to invest on sliding office partitions. It does not only create additional meeting rooms, but it can create any imaginable room or breakout areas for your teams to use.

slider room divider for office room - Portable Partitions
A meeting room that is awkwardly big and deep
black slider room divider for office room - Portable Partitions
The sliding office partitions, when not in use, only occupies a small footprint.
black privacy screen for meeting rooms - Portable Partitions
The sliding office partitions has a modern, professional feel and a tackable fabric surface. The colour even matches the carpet and chair upholstery.