Acoustic Wall Panels for Recording Studio Case Study – Forj Marketing

The Challenge

Forj Marketing is a marketing agency based in South Australia. As the demand to record more audio and visual content for clients grew due to the increasing popularity of video-based platforms like Tik Tok and the use of podcasting as a marketing tool, the agency decided it would be worthwhile to develop a purpose-built recording studio.

A studio space was constructed within their office to enable recording of high-quality content for clients, however they soon found the acoustics in the room were too poor for the recordings to sound professional.

The Solution

Owner of the agency, Sharni-Marie Barney, found PPA’s Peel & Stick Acoustic panels while searching for an acoustic solution online. She provided PPA with the measurements of the walls so they could quote on the appropriate quantity and received them within 3 days of ordering. The acoustics in the studio were improved immediately, and Sharni was kind enough to send us a video to demonstrate what a difference they made to the quality of recordings.


“As a marketing agency we are often recording both videos and audios for our clients and our own team. After building a good size studio, we found we had significant issues with the sound bouncing around the room which was a major issue for us getting our end productions sounding professional.

After installing Portable Partitions acoustic panels, we noticed such a stark difference that even we were blown away. The panels were very easy to cut to suit the room and they stuck well to the walls. A very easy product to work with and the team at Portable Partitions were excellent through the whole sales process. This product is highly recommended!” – Sharni-Marie Barney, Director, Forj Marketing.