Floorstanding Sneeze Guard

In response to current health safety concerns associated with the current crisis and the unprecedented demand for enhanced separation between individuals, we have developed a solution for businesses to help maintain social distance as they continue to serve their customers.

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  • Vaccination BoothVaccination Booth

    Vaccination Booth

  • Vaccination BoothVaccination Booth

    Vaccination Booths – Bundle

  • Single Panel Mobile Clear DividerSingle Panel Mobile Clear Divider

    Single Panel Mobile Clear Divider

  • Stylish Sound Control in Portable Partitions’s acoustic walls and dividers - Portable Partitions360 clear hospitality venue screen

    Mobile Germ Protection Screens

  • Modular Protection Wall restaurantModular Protection Wall

    Modular Protection Wall Packs

  • Gym PanelGym Panel

    Telescoping Protection Screen

  • Afford-a-wall Folding Room Divider (Polycarbonate) - Portable PartitionsAfford-A-Wall Folding Mobile Room Divider

    Afford-a-wall Folding Room Divider (Polycarbonate)


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