Free Standing Vaccination Booths & Stations

  • Transform any space into a vaccination station in minutes
  • Create any layout with our medical grade room dividers
  • Ensure both patient and nurse privacy during vaccination
  • Booths made of waterproof and wipeable hygienic material
Set up vaccination booths

Approved Supplier for Australia’s Health Sector

Vaccine booth - Home and Aged Care
Vaccine booth - Home and Aged Care

Easy to Setup and Configure Vaccination Booths manufactured in Australia

Turn any space into a vaccination centre by combining our portable vaccination booth units and configuring them into any shape you need.

Made of wipeable hygienic panels and easy to clean aluminium frames you can setup our freestanding vaccination booths within minutes to create pods of any size and in any location of your site without construction or the need of existing walls

Recommended Vaccination Booth Configurations

Classic Vaccine Cubicle Configuration

Classic Vaccine Cubicle Configuration

Creating vaccination cubicles that go side by side is easy with a combination of our 7 and 5 panel vaccination units.

Freestanding vaccination booths are ideal to turn any venue into a vaccination centre or hub without any construction or pre-existing walls to attach medical dividers too.

With our vaccine booth dividers you can instantly create 2.4 x 2.4m pods to create a private space for vaccination. Once setup, keeping them in place is easy by locking the articulations and the end wheel casters.

COVID-19 friendly In/Out Configuration

If you’re concerned about crowd management and want people to flow from a waiting area to another after their vaccination procedure then our Double C configuration is a great solution.

Similar in size to a classic vaccination cubicle configuration, it also creates a 2.4 x 2.4m area but also provides opposing entry and exit pathways for people to flow from one waiting area to the next.

COVID-19 friendly In/Out Configuration

Freestanding Vaccination Booths Benefits

Privacy for both Patients and Nurses

Privacy for both Patients and Nurses

The current health situation has forced us to improvise and make the most out the space we have available, but privacy and hygiene are important factors that shouldn’t be compromised.

Having ways to effectively social distance, give privacy and optimise the space you have is going to be critical to a successful
vaccination process.

Working long hours in a fully exposed environment full of distractions can easily wear off nurses and health practitioners faster than expected and can take a big toll on them over time which will be passed on eventually to their patients.

At the same time patients would benefit from an enclosed area that cuts down the noise and distractions of a massive vaccination hub. Vaccination booths are a cost effective and straightforward way to ensure a safe, private and stress free vaccination process

Setup anywhere anytime

Don’t have a dedicated space for vaccination?

Very few venues have been designed with changing needs over time and pop up vaccination hubs was definitely not one of them.

Portable vaccination stations are helpful because they work as medical dividers and don’t rely on existing infrastructure like walls to create a dedicated vaccination area.

If walls are available its even better because you’ll be able to create more booths with less wall length, but whatever venue and layout you are dealing with you can rely on our portable booths to set up a proper vaccination experience anywhere.

Vaccine booth - Home and Aged Care
Customisable for any specification

Customisable for any specification

Need bigger panels or specific materials?

As a local Australian manufacturer and supplier of portable medical dividers we can customise our vaccination booths to any specification you might need.

Features such as transparent perspex windows, no wheels or semi-transparent materials are available on request with almost no difference in lead time.

Professional looking Booths for patient peace of mind

Providing a stress free vaccination experience is not only about privacy.

Providing patients an environment that looks and feels professional can go a long way in making the vaccination experience more attractive and stress free.

If you’re setting up your vaccination hub in a big multi-use hall or warehouse, setting up proper wipeable vaccination booths can make your temporary setup work way better.

Professional looking Booths for patient peace of mind

Manufactured in Australia – Next Day Dispatch

Manufactured in Australia

Located in Brookvale, Sydney our factory manufactures most orders in time to dispatch the next day.

As an approved vendor to all Australian State Government Health Departments you can have peace of mind that your order won’t be delayed by an additional vendor approval process.

Our Vaccination Station Bundles & Booths

Portable, easy to move and reconfigure while assembled

Vaccination Booths Bundle
Vaccination Booths Bundle
  • Portable and easy to configure
  • Wipeable hygienic panels and aluminium frames
  • Configurable in any shape
  • Create as many 2.4 x 2.4m booths as needed
From $5500
Free Standing Vaccination Booth
Free Standing Vaccination Booth
  • Portable and easy to configure
  • Wipeable hygienic panels and aluminium frames
  • Configurable in any shape
  • Easily create a single 2.4 x 2.4m booth
From $2300

Our Vaccination Hub Privacy Screens

For creating privacy with help of existing walls

Folding Mobile Room Divider Poly
Folding Mobile Room Divider Polycarbonate
  • Portable (on wheels) or on feet
  • Up to 2m high and 2.55m long
  • Configurable in any shape or straight line
  • Easy to clean, waterproof surface
From $890

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