IGA Jamberoo Complies With New Government Regulations Using A Custom Portable Partition

Government legislation can be unforgiving for some small businesses.
Here at Portable Partitions Australia we understand the need to get the right product in your business on time . When necessary we are happy to go the extra mile so you can focus on doing business.
Take this story of Carmel from IGA Jamberoo who found herself with only 3 days to comply with government regulations to create a “fixed and permanent barrier” to their liquor aisle so they could start trading.
Carmel tells her story:
We were rebuilding our IGA store with an internal liquor department. Due to Government legislation changes we needed to comply with our liquor license before The Office of Liquor and Gaming would grant permission to open. We had 3 days to comply and meet our opening deadline. We contacted PPA for possible options for ‘fixed and permanent Barrier ‘We found Portable Partitions Australia online and discussed our custom requirements and challenging timeline. We sent some images and discussed the situation extensively. The team at PPA listened carefully and confirmed what was required. They suggested a variety of options, costs and materials. We chose the articulating screen that could fold up beside the fridge, taking up minimal space when not in use and being very discreet in appearance. We decided on the clear polycarbonate panels which are very neutral and didn’t impact the overall look of our store which was newly built. We are very happy with the partition. The look and functionality are an ideal fit for our store. It couldn’t have been better. The team at PPA were very responsive, helpful and were able to build, modify and deliver the partition within 48hrs!
Wall Partitions in Departmental Store- portable paartition
The original rope barrier was not enough to meet new government regulations
Departmental Store - Portable Partitions
It was important that this partitions was fixed and permanent, but also easy to move. We attached it to the fridge, but used 360 Degree hinges to ensure it can be stowed away when not needed.
Departmental Store Wall Partitions - Portable Partitions
Temporary walls in retail shop - Portable Partitions
Custom Screen in gray polycabonate used to section off bottle shop area- portable partition