Hiding a Messy Onsite Kitchen Using Mobile Room Dividers

Large banquets sometimes require onsite kitchen areas to help in food service and preparation. This is often the case when food is needed to be served fresh, hot, and fast to event participants, but kitchen facilities are not anywhere near the venue.

In this set-up, a messy food prep area can be unavoidable where busy kitchen servers gather, where used kitchenware, glassware, food spills, drips, and splatter can be all over the place – it’s something you want to hide.

Maylake Pty Ltd, a company that is into commercial leasing, celebrated a large banquet.  The organisers were already expecting this onsite kitchen setup. They knew it was necessary, and that it could be messy. And the only way to pull this up and cover the kitchen clutter is to have a mobile room divider that is easy to setup, easy to clean, and can easily be tucked away when all things are done.

To hide the on-site kitchen, Maylake Pty Ltd purchased the Afford-A-Wall Folding Room Divider in polycarbonate from Portable Partitions. It had a height of 1.83 meters which is an adequate height to cover up the unsightly kitchen. The panels are made of 100% waterproof polycarbonate in black so cleaning was so easy that spills didn’t even stand a chance of getting spotted or of soiling the material.

Best of all, these mobile room dividers are so lightweight that it took the organisers almost no effort to fold, move, and store.  Now, it’s packed away and will be used again for their next event.

affordable polycarbonate room divider- Portable Partitions
The Afford-A-Wall Folding Room Divider are made of 100% waterproof polycarbonate material and are lightweight.
polycarbonate mobile room divider to hide messy onsite kitchen - Portable Partitions
An example of a messy onsite kitchen during an event. An untidy food prep area is exposed here and can be an eyesore with the ingredients and equipment scattered all over the place.   source: Google c/o http://donaldrvictorian.blogspot.com/