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Australian office managers need to know that they’re making the most of their workspace. The time of cubicles has come and gone a long time ago, and in the spirit of open and honest cooperation, office managers these days prefer to have multiple employees working in the same room or even the same desk. This works quite well until you need to partition your workers for more than one project at a time. At that point you realize that putting up a wall down the middle of your office is neither feasible nor efficient. This is where Portable Partitions come in.

At a glance

Who: Jones Lang-LeSalle
Where: Sydney, NSW
Business Type: Commercial Real Estate
Product Used: 360 Degree Acoustic Portable Room Divider Poly/Fabric hybrid

Solutions Overview

Portable Partitions Australia (PPA), the market’s currently leading supplier of portable room dividers and mobile partitions were recently approached by one Jones Lang LaSalle in Sydney to help create a dynamic multi-purpose office space for one of their clients.

The main goal was to create an easy way to partition a large and cavernous office space, with the ability to set up alternate partitions on different days. Manuel Ortega, Senior Facilities Manager for Jones Lang LaSalle commented, ‘Currently my client has one large room on the lower ground floor of their office block that is generally used as a corporate playground. By utilising portable room dividers, this room has now been turned into a more flexible work/game space.

The client wanted to incorporate bright and vibrant colours that matched the office’s current colourful and stylish outlook.  Luckily, Portable Partition’s 360 Degree Acoustic Portable Room Divider was a perfect fit. In fact, the dividers were used to convert a large amount of previously underutilised space into a hub of activity. Most notably, a large section of dividers was used to create a conference room, right in the middle of the office, with perfect privacy and sound isolation.

With these room dividers the client managed to:

  • Convert one large and uncomfortable office space into several separate rooms
  • Create an impressive conference room for team meetings.
  • Reduce the overall noise from other coworkers for all the employees in the office

The client seemed more than satisfied with one of the employees noting:

I can’t believe we suddenly have a huge conference room in our office. It’s awesome.”

Large Wall Partition on wheels for office meeting rooms - Portable Partitions
Style, comfort and versatility in Australian offices, no longer an extravagant expense – Jones Lang LaSalle - Portable Partitions
Partition Walls For workstation - Portable Partitions