Custom Room Dividers with Decals Keep The Star Casino Running During Construction

One of the challenges many businesses face is how to keep running during construction, remodels and repairs. Although a business might want to remain open to paying customers, it’s also important to serve those customers in a professional environment. A simple solution is to use room dividers and mobile walls as a flexible, temporary means of shielding customers from the work in progress.

The Star Casino in Sydney Installs Portable Room Dividers as a Stylish Solution

The Star in Pyrmont, Sydney — one of the largest casinos in Australia — had a problem common to many growing businesses. They needed to maintain an attractive, stylish environment for their guests while work was going on behind the scenes.

The casino chose a series of 360 Degree Acoustic Portable Room Dividers — heavy duty durable partitions for 24-hour use — from Portable Partitions to solve this problem. The black dividers were customised with a gold design to match the casino’s existing décor and colour scheme. Some of the dividers displayed humorous sayings (“please excuse us while we change in front of you”) to lighten the mood of the affected customers. In keeping with the high-end look of the casino, the portable partitions were designed to appear as much a part of the existing rooms as possible.

Flexibility and ease of use for the casino staff and contractors were other important requirements. The Star selected dividers that were only 6 feet tall and on wheels so that they could quickly be moved to any location in the casino and fit inside the existing lifts. These portable partitions worked so well for the Star that they ordered additional partitions for ongoing projects.

Using Room Dividers to Maintain a Positive Customer Experience

Room dividers offer a simple, flexible solution for any business that needs to shield customers from ongoing work — particularly in the hospitality industry where customer satisfaction is critical. Although construction and repair are the most common reasons for using partitions, a business could also want to create a barricade while setting up an event or exhibition.

The key is to select customisable dividers that blend in with the existing room design through the choice of custom colours, sizes and enhancements. Choosing dividers with a professional, integrated appearance can greatly reduce the impact any ongoing construction has on customers.

Because construction and repairs are temporary by nature, selecting moveable partitions is an important step. As work is finished — or moves to a different area — the assigned staff must be able to quickly transport the dividers to another location, ensuring that they fit through doorways and on any lifts. Dividers with wheels are particularly easy to transport and relocate without a large team.