Creating a temporary corridor through a function area from kitchen to cafe

Many restaurants that are both function centres and cafes face a challenge with maintaining ideal dining atmospheres for all of their patrons. Special events in the function centre require a certain air of privacy, but at the same time the cafe needs to appear open and welcoming to the public. It can be very difficult to maintain both of these atmospheres in one space. Cafes and function centres must maintain good ambiance for their guests if they are to be successful. A recent study by RestaurantRX found that atmosphere ranked in the top five most important qualities for a restaurant.

The Wamberal Ocean View Functions Centre and Cafe hosts weddings, corporate functions and other special events at their elegant beachside function centre. Their function room is a highly versatile space that can seat up to 130 guests with lovely views of the beachside. Wamberal offers a wide variety of award-winning foods to all of their guests in both the function centre and the cafe. They are widely praised by their clients for their professionalism, high-quality food and service, and beautiful function space.

The Wamberal Ocean View Functions Centre and Cafe needed a way to keep their cafe open at the same time as their function centre without allowing the atmospheres of the cafe and function centre to clash. As you can see from the Google walkthrough above, they had curtains covering the kitchen area, but waitstaff the waitstaff had to walk through the function room to get to the cafe.

Waitstaff sometimes had to wait until an appropriate moment to cross function space to the cafe, which sometimes resulted in slightly slower service. The Wamberal Ocean View overcame these challenges by using room dividers to separate the cafe from the function centre, with a doorway in the middle.

They also used room dividers to create a corridor from the kitchen to the cafe so that the waitstaff would not have to walk through the function area to serve guests in the cafe. The dividers helped the waitstaff streamline their service to the cafe, without interrupting the events in the function hall. By separating the two spaces with moveable partitions, Wamberal Ocean View can maintain steady streams of revenue from both the function centre and the cafe at the same time without compromising the atmosphere.

Other function centres and cafes have similar problems. If they keep the cafe open at the same time as the function centre,  the two atmospheres often clash and result in unsatisfactory experiences for all of the patrons. Some attempt to overcome this difficulty by closing the cafe while special events are held at the function centre. This is not an ideal solution however because it limits the amount of revenue that the cafe can bring in for the business. By simply adding portable partitions to their spaces, function centres and cafes can increase their revenue and create ideal dining atmospheres for all of their guests.