Office Partition Materials: Which is Best for Your Space?

Choosing the wrong office partition materials can have long-lasting effects on your office. After all, office partitions are highly visible and affect the noise level, workflow, and even cleanliness of your workspace. Choosing the right office partitions, on the other hand, can transform your office and make it a more comfortable, productive place to be.

As you explore your options for office partition materials, keep the following factors in mind.

Acoustic Partitions

The noise level in your office can affect the productivity of your workers. Depending on the amount of collaboration required between employees, the number of people in one space, the sounds generated by office machines and even noise from outside the building, an office can be a noisy (and distracting) space.

If you’d like to reduce noise in your office space, conference room or any other location, consider installing partitions made from fabrics designed to dampen sound. Our acoustic room dividers have sound absorbing and sound reflective properties that help soundproof the room they are used in.

Wicker Dividing Walls

If your office is in need of some visual interest and texture, wicker may be a good material for you to explore:

  • Wicker is durable
  • It can be used outdoors if you need to host an office party or event
  • Wicker partitions can hide unsightly office areas
  • Wicker walls can create a privacy screen if you need to thoroughly partition off one section of the office

Polycarbonate Partitions

With a sleek and modern aesthetic, polycarbonate office partitions are easy to keep clean. They’re 100% waterproof, and you can wash them simply by wiping them down with a damp cloth. Therefore, they’re perfect for specialist hygiene environments or places where partitions are likely to get soiled.

Polycarbonate office partitions are also lightweight and easy to store. Many, like our Afford-A-Wall Folding Room Divider, can simply be rolled away when you don’t need them. So if your office changes configurations frequently, this can be the perfect option. You might be surprised that although these partitions are lightweight, they’re also very good at dampening sound. This is because the polycarbonate is fluted for superior acoustic performance.

Fibreglass Sheets

Some fabric office partitions are created with a unique fabric material made of fibreglass. Constructed from a honeycomb cell core, these fibreglass sheets have excellent acoustic properties, and they also retain many of the more attractive properties of traditional fabrics.

For instance, you can use push pins on these fibreglass partitions just as you would on a traditional bulletin board. You can also mix and match the fabrics because they come in a variety of colours. You can even have your company logo printed directly on the panels.


If you’re looking for an economy office partition that is easy to move and store, a canvas partition might be right for you. These economical dividers don’t have as many options available, but they’re durable, and the fabric panels can easily be removed for machine washing and cleaning.

Made with flame retardant fabric, they comply with office safety standards. They ship in a semi-assembled state, so they’re easy to put together once they arrive at your office. And if you need to move or store them, you simply fold them up.

Which Partition Material is Right for You?

As you can see, there are lots of great materials available for office partitions. The best place to start is to consider the needs of your office. What is your work environment like? Given the chance, how would you like to modify that environment? Using the right materials, you can improve privacy, reduce noise, make your workplace cleaner or brighter, hide unsightly areas, and create newly defined areas in your office space. With so much flexibility, the sky’s the limit as to how you can alter your existing office.

For more information about office partition materials, or to talk with us about your office’s needs, get in touch with us at Portable Partitions. Now that you are clear on the office partition materials you need for your office you may want to research the different types of office partitions available and the benefits they provide before you make your decision