Hiding Unsightly Storage in a School Gym Using Portable Partitions

It is common for schools to have certain areas that are used as open storage facilities. Most often, school gyms and activity areas are those places where certain corners are used as depository for a variety of equipment.

Sadly, the sheer volume and variation of equipment stored in gyms means that even when kept in tidy piles, it still seems to look cluttered and disorganised. From extra chairs and  tables to cardboard boxes and sports training contraptions, it is an impossible task to keep this area looking tidy. Need for frequent and easy access means this area has to remain in the main area for all to see. The solution here is to have an aesthetically pleasing wall that is easy to access behind, is mobile enough for any participant to move, and can be removed or relocated at any time.

Portable Partitions Australia (PPA), the market-leading manufacturer and supplier of portable office partitions, has been assigned by a local school to provide the right mobile partition to hide the untidiness of its existing equipment depository in the school’s gym.

The client elected to get the 360 Degree Acoustic Portable Room Divider (Fabric) as a cost-effective solution to the problem.  This product is the most popular partition in our range due to its versatility. The 360 Degree Mobile Room Divider allows for infinite configurations due to its 360 Degree articulating hinge system.  

In this specific project, you can see how the client easily created the “L-shape” to hide the front and sides of the depository, hiding away the clutter for a clean and organised look.  When not in use, these partitions take up an 85cm x 85cm floor space for easy transport and storage. Simply wheel away to a corner or storage cupboard when not in use.

About this solution

Industry: Schools/ Education/ Recreation/ Sports & Leisure

Partitions Used: 360 Degree Acoustic Portable Room Divider (Fabric)