Free Whitepaper – The Evolving Classroom Experience: Creating the Optimum Learning Environment

We have today launched a new discussion paper examining the evolving classroom experience and how education facilities need to create more dynamic learning environments to fully engage students and pupils.

The paper looks at the current trend towards moving away from large classrooms and a ‘chalk and talk’ approach to creating active, cooperative and engaging learning environments that benefit both teachers and students alike. By rethinking the classroom experience, educators can better maximise learning opportunities and create meaningful experiences.

It also highlights what is physically required to create a dynamic classroom environment and discusses the design and budget constraints that can often hinder the desire to transform a stagnant classroom.

The paper finishes by looking at some cost effective mobile solutions to dividing classroom spaces and creating ‘rooms within ‘rooms’ using portable room dividers. This approach avoids expensive and often unnecessary permanent building works that offer limited ongoing space flexibility and adaptability.

Commenting on the recent increase in enquiries schools and education facilities, PPA’s Adrian Wilson commented “We are definitely seeing keen interest from the Education sector regarding potential options to help modify existing classroom spaces. The key issues faced by educators are generally always around budget, speed and design flexibility. This is where our temporary portable room dividers can really help. There are no building or installation work required, therefore saving both time and money. The multiple room configuration options offered by the dividers make them an attractive proposition, as to the ease at which they can be folded, moved and stored when not in use. Given the size and diversity of our product range and our experience within the education market to date, we feel perfectly placed to assist with this growing demand to transform the classroom experience.”