Free Whitepaper – The Expanding Role of Pharmacies: Utilising Flexible Space Solutions

We have recently written a new Pharmacy Whitepaper discussing the expanding role of pharmacists and how flexible space solutions are crucial to capitalising on new and emerging opportunities.
The paper looks at the current market trend towards pharmacies offering more consulting based services far beyond that of the traditional product dispenser, and how they are facing increasing challenges in adopting their current store space to cope with these added responsibilities.
It also highlights the issue of pharmacists possessing the requisite expertise to embrace these new responsibilities, but realising that traditional store layouts aren’t necessarily suited to these emerging demands.
Commenting on the recent increase in enquires from pharmacies, PPA’s Business Owner Tony Haydar commented “We are definitely seeing keen interest regarding potential options to help modify their store layouts. The key issues are generally always around budget, speed and flexibility.  This is where our temporary portable partitions solutions can really help.  Given the size of our product range and past experience then we feel we are perfectly placed to assist with this increasing demand.