A Private Dining Experience Using Mobile Privacy Screens

Other than a great conversation between family and friends, the recipe for a great dining experience includes great food, attentive service, and an ambience that suggests good vibes in all angles.

But the restaurant business is becoming more and more cutthroat.  Diners aren’t just looking for great tasting food; they are now experimental and want a little bit more of fusion cuisine.  Before, people really didn’t see ambience beyond a traditional dining table and a chair; now, astounding interiors are what’s shaping the trend.  Service used to refer to friendly and courteous servers; these days, other dining conveniences redefine what great service should be.

Considered by many as one of Penrith’s best kept secret, Harty Foods Pty Ltd, the company behind the Bistro at Grey Gums Hotel, believes they have what it takes to provide that great dining experience for the entire family.  And staying true to their commitment of providing ‘Good old-fashioned service, quality, and value’, the Bistro at Grey Gums Hotel has tailored not just their menu, but their dining conveniences as well to make their first time guests become loyal patrons.

To address the need of guests of a more private dining experience in its open plan dining area, the Bistro started using mobile privacy screens.

The mobile privacy screens are a handy dining convenience particularly for those early breakfast meetings and business luncheons where guests want a bit of privacy while making their business deals. The mobile privacy screens are also for those casual meetings and private functions where guests want to be a little bit isolated and discrete from the dining public.

Andrew, the owner of the restaurant, occasionally uses the mobile privacy screens to section off areas for private functions, “They are great and we use them regularly.”

The mobile privacy screens at the Bistro are VP6 Economy Mobile Privacy Screens from Portable Partitions. Length and height is 6 feet, which is just enough to provide seclusion.  Although made of a durable frame, the mobile privacy screens are lightweight, and has rounded, plastic corner joints for safety.  The mobile privacy screens are very mobile as well, so setting up and keeping it when not in use is a walk in the park.

Restaurants should do everything to stand out from the competition.  Yes, mobile privacy screens are simple dining conveniences, but could make a world of difference for guests to come back for more. Mobile privacy screens are a great addition to the hospitality industry and a must have for all restaurants.