Using Custom Whiteboards in Office Partitions to Aid in Office Collaboration

Collaborative work spaces continue to be the “in” thing for most companies.  Businesses look for ways to provide collaborative work environments for their employees because the benefits are abound.

From sharing of knowledge, instant communication, trust building among group members, and giving staff a broader understanding of their work, collaborative work spaces really focus on the effectiveness of the group as a whole.

One of the tools that is a staple in all collaborative work spaces is either a whiteboard, a pin board, or both!!

‘Idea boards’ are a vital and basic recipe in any collaboration.  Without them, ideas cannot be drawn for everyone to see, and sharing of knowledge to come up with concrete actions may be hard to achieve.

“Yes, whiteboards are indispensable.  But our office does not even have a dedicated area for collaboration. How do we solve that?”   

There are office partitions available in the market, and Portable Partitions has been a leader in providing mobile partitioning solutions for every office. You can have instant collaborative workspaces built in seconds, regardless of available space you have in your office.

The fabric or polycarbonate panels of their office partitions can be replaced by whiteboard.  The whiteboards are customisable, it can go the entire height of a panel, or just half the length of each panel.  Whiteboards can be installed on all the panels in a 5-panel office partition, or just 3 panels. It would really depend on the office requirements. Our fabric panels are pinnable so your new ‘ideas board’ can have both pin board and whiteboard functionality.

Plus, the panels can be installed on both sides of each partition  (back to back), which is remarkably good and practical if the office partitions will be used to separate 2 adjacent rooms that serve as 2 separate collaborative workspaces or meeting areas.

Creating collaborative workspaces shouldn’t be a problem even on a limited office space.  Office partitions like the ones from Portable Partitions are great products.  They are highly customisable and can provide instant collaborative workspaces with the needed whiteboard to aid in any office collaboration. When not in use, the mobile wall can be folded down into a tidy 85cm x 85cm floor footprint and wheels into a storage area.

Red custom temporary wall with whiteboard for workstation - Portable Partitions
Portable Partitions Australia can custom fit whiteboard panels embedded on their panels – very handy and functional for mobile collaborative work areas. In this picture a customised whiteboard panel was used in a 360 Degree Acoustic Portable Room Divider with fabric as default paneling material.
blue temporary wall with custom whiteboard - Portable Partitions
Custom whiteboard panels can occupy ¾ of each panel, and is a great addition to any mobile collaborative work space. The picture above shows a customized whiteboard panel used in a Telescoping Wall-Mountable with fabric as the original paneling material, and ready for delivery to another satisfied client.