10 Ways to Use Mobile Room Dividers in Registered Clubs

Mobile room dividers have come a long way. Dating back to Chinese antiquity, they were big and heavy, almost immoveable, and showcased decorative elements and intricate workmanship, which is why they were mostly used by royalty (and why they were expensive).  

Nowadays, mobile room dividers are still very popular.  But more than decorative pieces of art, they are widely used for their versatility – they can instantly divide rooms, serve as temporary partitions to cover clutter, function as privacy screens, provide temporary walls, and many more.  No wonder they are a hit among corporate offices, schools, restaurants, event venues, sports facilities, and even in places of worship.  

One industry that seems to benefit most from the multifunctional capabilities of mobile room dividers is registered clubs.  

Registered clubs are multifaceted. They offer a ton of things for their patrons – from casual dining, bars, and bistros to sporting facilities, pro shops, and weekly social events where people can hang around with the family and a few friends just to relax.  Then, there are multiple function rooms where members can book for birthday bashes, anniversaries, and other more formal occasions.

On a given weekday, registered clubs can be packed with guests, and multiple events can happen at the same time. Weekends are a totally different story.  It is in these situations when mobile room dividers can be of valuable use.  

Exactly how versatile are mobile room dividers?

Here are 10 ways to use mobile room dividers in registered clubs:

1. Divide a big room into smaller rooms

Mobile room dividers can instantly turn a room for 100 pax be suitable for an event with only  20 guests.  How? Just roll a mobile room divider in between, one area enough to accommodate the 20.  Now, you have a room for 80 pax ready and waiting to accommodate another function. That’s 2 activities or groups of people in one room. This can also be done in a cafeteria or any other venue that would have been too big for an event.

2. Create private dining areas

Dining areas and lobbies usually have open plan layouts.  And there are guests who want a little more privacy when they dine (especially when they have a private event for the family), or are looking for a little bit of seclusion while in the foyer to lounge around or meet a few people for business.  Mobile room dividers are a great way to provide that privacy in an instant.

3. Create instant rooms  

Mobile room dividers can create instant rooms that can be used as instant changing rooms, onsite food prep area, mobile first-aid clinic,  a VIP room, an onsite office, or just about any conceivable room for any event.

4. Can define spaces in lobbies and outdoor sporting venues

For outdoor sporting venues such as golf or lawn bowls, mobile room dividers can be a useful addition.  They can be setup as registration areas or baggage counters.

In a foyer with an open plan layout, they can be used as decorative floor-to-ceiling wall partitions that doesn’t only give colour and life to a rather dull open plan layout, but defines spaces that can be used for different reasons (i.e. for lounging, for exhibits, welcome area for guests, etc).

5. Hide equipment clutter

Particularly useful in sports facilities and multipurpose halls where gym equipment, children’s playhouses, chairs, tables, and what have you are usually stacked in a corner.  No matter how “neat” the stacking is, it is still a stack, a pile, and can be unsightly.

6. Cover maintenance work

Maintenance work is unavoidable. Mobile room dividers can cover any unsightly repair or construction upgrade within the facility.  Not only does the divider say  “business as usual”, but it also guarantees the safety of the guests.

7. Serve as bulletin board

When placed in a lobby or any area where club members are more likely to see, mobile room dividers can be a very effective broadcast medium.  Most mobile room dividers have tackable and pinnable fabric material so pinning printed ads and flyers is not a problem.

8. Help in crowd-control

For events that expect a high number of guests, as in the case of an international golf tournament, mobile room dividers can actually classify spectators and lead them to areas where they should be, so they don’t just wander around and blend with everyone.

9. Serve as mobile art displays

Registered clubs usually have events and activities for kids that are mostly art-related.  Mobile room dividers can be used to showcase those drawings for everyone to see.  They are tackable and pinnable and has display configurations suitable for such event.

10. Can be used as stage backdrop

Function rooms in registered clubs are usually used for meetings and gatherings of sports and community clubs. Mobile room dividers do well as backdrops during awarding ceremonies, recognition nights, and induction ceremonies.  They will even look great for press conferences and live interviews.

Mobile Room Dividers are so versatile that any registered club should have them.  Their multifunctional features can do so many things which makes them a great investment.  A great product indeed.