Utilising Operable Walls to Create Flexible Learning Environments


With growing evidence suggesting that a ‘one size fits all’ teaching method doesn’t deliver the best outcomes for students, teachers are increasingly transitioning to a more flexible approach to the classroom.

Research has found flexible learning spaces that grant students greater autonomy over how they work tend to be more comfortable, enjoyable, engaging, and inclusive. They may also have a positive impact on teaching, learning, and overall student wellbeing.

Today, we’ll be exploring how you can use operable walls to create a flexible learning environment that nurtures student success.

How to Create a Flexible Learning Environment with Operable Walls

Lightweight, flexible, and so easy to use they can be set up by just one person in moments, operable walls make it easy to transform your space and cater to the ever-changing needs of the classroom.

Here are just some of the ways you can customise your space with operable walls:

Turn One Classroom Into Two!

Whether you’re running multiple activities, or you’re looking to maximise space utilisation, you can easily split one large classroom into two while still enjoying the freedom to open up the entire area for special occasions or multi-class events.

All our operable walls come with the option of thick acoustic fabric panels which offer outstanding sound-dampening qualities. If you choose our track-mounted operable walls, you’ll also enjoy full floor-to-ceiling coverage to minimise noise distraction. You can even opt for a built-in door to facilitate easy movement between rooms.

How to Create a Flexible Learning Environment with Operable Walls

Support Different Learning Styles

Flexible classroom design is all about catering to the different needs and learning styles of your students. Some students work best through collaboration and activity, while others prefer to work quietly by themselves. This has traditionally presented challenges for teachers who struggle to find a solution that works for everyone.

Operable walls allow you to support all learning styles by creating two distinct spaces: an ‘activity zone’, and a ‘quiet zone’ for independent learning.

Create a Quiet Space for Distraction-Prone Students

Some students are particularly susceptible to distraction or overstimulation. Operable walls allow you to create a calming environment in which students can focus on private studies, or simply get away from the noise and activity of the busy classroom.

Acting as a barrier to distracting sights and sounds, operable walls are an effective option for minimising disruption and overstimulation without limiting the creativity of more active or social students.

The Acoustic Benefits of Track-Mounted Operable Walls

Track-mounted operable walls allow teachers and students to reap the benefits of a flexible classroom design while eliminating the excess noise that often makes them distracting. These flexible walls boast a floor-to-ceiling design that delivers superior sound-isolating properties compared to wall-mounted or freestanding solutions.

Depending on your choice of finish, track-mounted operable walls deliver an acoustic rating of up to 44, drastically reducing sound transmission and minimising distraction between rooms.

Personalising Your Space and Supporting Visual Learning

All our operable walls can be made with acoustic fabric, allowing you to stick images, student work, decorations, and data displays directly onto its surface without having to damage your permanent walls. This creates a more welcoming and visually stimulating classroom environment while giving students a greater sense of ownership over the space.

Track-mounted operable walls also come with the option of a whiteboard finish where teachers and students can write directly onto the wall using markers. Both acoustic fabric and whiteboard finishes are an excellent option for making the classroom more engaging – particularly for visual and kinaesthetic learners.

When it’s time to move on to the next module, you can simply refresh your walls, ready for the next topic!

Want to Learn More About Enhancing Your Flexible Classroom With Operable Walls?

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