Unsightly Office Pantry Addressed with the Help of Acoustic Room Partitions

Whether an individual is at home, work, or school, there is no situation where someone is completely willing to deal with a messy and unorganized environment. In most cases, those that do deal with a cluttered space on a regular basis simply do so out of a feeling or sense of necessity. In the workforce, not only is a messy environment a distracting factor for employees, but it also contributes to a lack of productivity. Essentially, employees focus and perform best in an orderly and tidy work environment.

In fact, according to a study conducted by researchers at the Neuroscience Institute of Princeton University, a cluttered environment can have a negative impact on the ability of the brain to process and recall information. An unorganized work environment tends to leave individuals feeling both irritable and anxious.

One example of a brand that had issues with a cluttered environment is LJ Hooker, which happens to be a respectable real estate brand in Australia. In the case of LJ Hooker, the communal kitchen used by the entire office was unorganized at best and outright messy at worst.

The space around the pantry was largely unutilized for any particular purpose. As a result, the area periodically served as an alternative space for formal meetings when all the other meeting areas were in use.

Ultimately, LJ Hooker found the room divider to be a worthwhile investment and a good solution to their issue. Productivity and focus of employees during meetings in the makeshift area soared after the installation of the room divider.

Unsurprisingly, the employees found that they had a difficult time concentrating due to the nature of their environment. The employees simply could not get accustomed to the uncoordinated environment of the kitchen, especially since they were so used to the neatness and organization of the actual meeting rooms. The aesthetics and organization of the communal kitchen areas were simply not favorable for a focused and structured meeting.

In order to solve the issue, LJ Hooker looked into have a room divider installed. The room divider would serve to separate the meeting area from the rest of the kitchen to create a
sense of unity and wholeness for the makeshift meeting room. Portable Partitions Australia suggested that the company use the Telescoping Acoustic Portable Partition as their solution.

For LJ Hooker, the main deciding factors they took into consideration was the hinge system, the panel selection, and length and height of the office screen. The real estate company ultimately selected the Telescoping hinge system for the job due to its ability to “telescope” out from the wall. As a result, there was no need for lateral room for the articulation of the product.

LJ Hooker selected the polycarbonate panel due to its robustness. Due to the fact that the room divider would be installed in the kitchen, LJ Hooker expected the divider to need a thorough cleaning every once in a while. They noted that the polycarbonate panel would be better able to handle a wet cleaning process better than the other types of panel. The polycarbonate panel also made partial and full access possible due to its ability to be completely retracted. To make the meeting space appear completely closed off and private, the height selected for the room divider was 2.3 meters.