Mobile Room Dividers Help Organise Large Spaces for this Auction House

Often, a huge warehouse could turn out to be a more expensive option for a business, given that it comes in one undivided space. As your business grows, so does your need to section off and group products, services, and offices, which could mean bloated expenses here and there.

While some would opt to just section-off big spaces with the help of curtains to cut corners and costs, it may not turn out as good as expected, and may even work against the company, its reputation, and its values.

But that should not be the case today as mobile room dividers can easily do the trick – no messy constructions necessary.

An automotive auction house had this in mind when they sought the help of Portable Partitions.

With hundreds of cars waiting to be sold, the auction house thought that having a very organised space will help their clients find their dream car. However, given that they just have one big space to house all the vehicles in, separating the lot could be a tricky task.

This is where the Acoustic Portable Room Divider came in very handy.

The auction house purchased 9 panels of 2 x 360 Degree Polycarbonate dividers to properly group the cars into sections. The partitions also aided in keeping off clients from restricted areas, as well as in improving the flow of foot traffic inside the auction house.

grey and white polycarbonate temporary walls - Portable PartitionsNot only did the Portable Room Divider provide a more organized, flexible and systematic business space, but it has also greatly contributed to the overall look and feel of the automotive auction house.

Sectioning big lots should not be seen as a challenge anymore. With mobile room dividers, any space can turn into a huge opportunity to expand your business.