Rockhampton School Use Countertop Protection Screen to Ensure Staff Safety at Reception

Colleges have been particularly hit with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. With enrollment rates down and many people fearful of returning to large institutions, colleges like Emmaus College are determining new ways to maintain staff safety during COVID-19 and ensure that students feel safe and protected against the effects of the wide-spread coronavirus. 

Colleges, along with other learning institutions are beginning to reopen in Australia as long as certain changes are made to protect both frontline staff and students from possible infection. This includes maintaining social distancing and utilizing protective equipment when a 1.5-metre distance cannot be properly maintained. 

So how has Emmaus College risen to the occasion? By installing a countertop protection screen from Portable Partitions Australia. The perspex screen was installed in the reception area, to allow staff and students to communicate, while preventing the transmission of respiratory droplets, eliminating the primary way in which infection can spread. 

Portable Partitions Australia is a leader in COVID-19 protection equipment and offers a wide variety of safety options, designed to meet the needs of every industry in the country. From protections screens, to sneeze guards, to temperature check stations, Portable Partitions Australia has the needed equipment to ensure staff safety, while allowing businesses to function under the new normal.

For staff members at the college, the countertop protection screen, along with other safety measures can allow them to feel safe and protected when they come to work, knowing that the health is a priority for the college. For both parents and students, it provides for added trust, as they know that the college is taking the precautions seriously to ensure that students can not only fulfil their educational needs but achieve them in a safe environment. 

Staff members, like Edward Vandyke discuss the benefits that the countertop protection screen has brought to the college. 

“Brilliant, perfectly, exactly what we want. Trying to get more at the moment. I am very impressed with the quality and speed my partitions were delivered from order. We purchased these partitions to provide extra protection to our front desk administration staff due to Covid-19 allowing us to continue the day to day business of our school. These partitions do not need to be screwed down as all brackets are provided and can be removed without any damage to the existing furniture,” Vandyke states.