Creating a Private Office Space Using a Sliding Wall Partition System

Unless you have training in Interior Design, it can be tough to see what your office space has to offer. Many modern Australian offices still have ostensibly under-utilized floor space when the modern world already calls for flexibility and adaptability.

It is critical as growth and collaboration in the office often need an extra meeting room, a training space, or a break out area among others. You may feel the pangs of not having enough space despite the availability of a wide area – only because your office lacks flexible partitions.

Portable Partitions was recently approached by North Sydney based project management company, on behalf of a corporate client in Chatswood. They sought help in maximising the communal space that is occasionally used for company wide gatherings.  The idea was to create a private space from that communal area, which could be closed off as a meeting room, or opened up to function as a break out area.  The solution is to create a movable wall partition that’s wall-mounted on one end so it can be closed and opened easily, while taking up minimum floor space when not in use.

Among the wide range of PPA’s flexible partitions, the client chose the Telescoping Acoustic Partition Wall-Mountable (Fabric) –  a semi-permanent sliding partition with wall-mounting feature. The Telescoping has a telescoping mechanism that tucks away so  that there is no excess panel, allowing the client to simply extend open to the length that is needed to get a straight wall. It’s that simple and neat. The panels have a fully tackable fabric surface that can be used to pin materials that are essential for meetings, and where AVP presentation accessories can be mounted such as a light Flat Screen TV.  Yes, the partitions are stable enough to support such attachments and other decorations. The client was also able to mix and match fabric colors and finishes (fabric and polycarbonate) to match the walls surrounding the new room.

This office space in Chatswood needed a wall length of 8.9 meters. PPA settled with two 4.72m length that extended from each side and meets in the middle. Each partition panel stacks and slides behind one another – the result is a perfectly straight line that cannot break shape. It can partially open as needed and can be telescoped back at a desired opening space. It can also be used in a  sliding door fashion when entering the room. Engineered acoustic panels manufactured from a honeycomb cell core, fibreglass sheets on both sides, and special acoustic fabric for superior acoustic performance hallmarks the features of this chosen flexible room partition.

The most remarkable part is that this project only took an  impressive three days from the initial enquiry to project completion – an absolute cost efficient solution against the fraction of  time that it had been delivered.

Below are images the wall-mounted office partitions used. With these wall-mounted office partitions, you can quickly and easily create  an 8.9 meter wall under 40 seconds!

About this solution

Partitions Used:  Telescoping Acoustic Partition Wall-Mountable (Fabric)

Industry:    Corporate/Office