Case Study: A Moss Vale Pharmacy Installs Countertop Workplace Protection Screen To Keep Staff Safe from COVID-19

Moss Vale Community Pharmacy provides a full range of pharmacy services for their local community, from prescription dispersion and management to pharmaceutical instruction and counselling. Being a community-based company means that they are highly sensitive to their customers’¬†wants and needs. That includes staying safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. This desire for protection not only extends to customers who are fearful of the coronavirus but also ensuring staff safety during COVID-19.

For them, protection means taking social distancing a step further by requiring constant sanitisation of the premises and also installing equipment designed to keep both staff and customers protected so that they can obtain their essential medications and stay healthy during these uncertain times. 

One way to accomplish this added safety was to install a 3-panel countertop protection screen from Portable Partitions Australia (PPA). 

PPA offers a wide range of protection options for businesses, including sneeze guard options, temperature check screens, freestanding perspex screen options, and much more.

These screens and protections are designed to block dangerous germs and viruses while allowing staff and customers to easily communicate and enjoy face-to-face interaction while following social distancing guidelines and keeping all parties of the transaction safe. 

The result of these improvements means that staff can feel better protected against contracting the coronavirus and other illnesses when coming into work. Along with better peace-of-mind for the staff also comes a greater trust between the company and the customers, as the customers will feel safer frequenting the business knowing that they are taking precautions seriously and providing a safe environment.

Staff members like Maddie Parker credited the 3-panel countertop protection screen with their ability to continue to serve the community during these times of caution. “Portable partitions provided us a simple to assemble, quality product that allowed us to continue our operations through the COVID-19 era, ” she states.

For consumers looking for a trusted place to meet their pharmaceutical and healthcare needs, Moss Vale Community Pharmacy is the ideal place to shop in safety. By practicing proper social distancing, engaging in proper cleaning protocols, and installing needed safety equipment, Moss Vale Community Pharmacy has put the health of their staff and their customers at the top of their list of priorities. 

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