The importance of branding for Australian Small Business.

Small businesses face many more challenges that larger corporations, it’s true. But these challenges should be turned into opportunities to make your business grow, survive and thrive. Yes, you’re smaller than the big guys, but you’re probably more flexible too. Yes, you probably don’t have as big of a budget as the big guys do but you’re probably more financially savvy and creative too. Let’s turn your small size into big assets by strengthening your brand. And remember, a small business needs to create a mission statement and hold true to it. Research indicates that many people are driven by their emotions so if you are clear and know what your mission is, you can consistently share it with your customers. Here are some effective ways to define your brand or to strengthen your already established efforts.

1.  Be True and Authentic:  A strong brand is a recognized brand and earns the loyalty of the marketplace. This will hold true as long as you are authentic to your mission statement, remain consistent and reach your target audience. This may be difficult when you want to expand into other markets, so resist the temptation.

2.  Word Of Mouth Branding:  Start your branding with people who you trust and are closest to you. This is one of the edges a small business has compared to a large corporation. Consumers trust their family and friends input so let them network your powerful message organically. Word of mouth is a tremendous public relations opportunity for brand awareness.

3.  Relate To Your Customer:  Think about it. The world’s most relatable brands mission is to understand their customers needs, wants and problems and then offer a solution. For example, Nike represents athletic success, NRMA represents a backup when you need it,  Volvo, safety with luxury and Portable Partitions Australia, easy, flexible portable room design. What problem/ solution does your company bring to the table?

4.  Market To Your Customer Base:  Make sure your outreach efforts not only includes potential customers but exisitng customers too. Keep in touch with your current clients/customers so they continue to return to you for all your products and services. And remember it takes time, patience and persistence to develop a brand that is highly recognizable. Remember the old saying, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” You can apply that saying to your brand building efforts.

5.  Give Back To Your Community:  Engaging in a non profit or community based organization and giving back to the people who support you is an incredible public relations bonus for your small business. Whether you donate some of your profits to a non profit, sponsor a community minded activity or institute employee volunteer activities, it’s a win, win for everyone involved. Community service will certainly enhance your standing in the community and improve your company’s image. Consider donating products to help build homes for the needy, starting a food bank in your company’s name or offer your employees special time off incentives for giving their time to a company chosen philanthropy.

Portable Partitions Australia believes that establishing a brand, remaining consistent and true to their customer base is the key to their success. This belief is also extended to a company’s physical space. For example, a Starbucks coffee shop has a recognizable look just as an Apple retail store. Yes, these established companies have the niche on just about everything when it comes to their target audience but remember they had to start somewhere.

That’s where, Portable Partitions Australia and their flexible approach to branding can help the smaller, growing organization. Their professional, flexible and transportable screens and dividers can be personalized with your logo to help you maintain your brand as your needs change and grow. Small businesses should consider portable office space, transportable exhibits or other needs should have a chat with Portable Partitions to see how we can maximise your space.