Turning one small room into three for Bayside Physiotherapy

Complete patient care was a top priority for Bayside Physiotherapy, a physiotherapy clinic out of Coastal Victoria.

As a new small business, they needed a way to create a reception area, waiting room and a therapy area out of a small rented space.

When patients came in to seek treatment, they wanted a way to create a comfortable reception and waiting area.

Traditionally, this would be achieved by building partition walls, but as a small practice that was looking to grow, the expense of a permanent partition system was looking to be a big hit to the bottom line. To top that off and with only a short lease, which is common for small businesses, getting approval for permanent treatment rooms building work was just going to add to the red tape.

That’s when they approached Portable Partitions. They explained that the room had very limited space and wanted to transform it into three distinct rooms that included a reception area, a waiting area, and a consulting room. After a few sketches the design was worked out and confirmed as the team from Bayside Physiotherapy laid out the desired plan on the floor with tape.

That means three rooms could be built into one small open space!

Resolving this project required not just any simple office partition but one that’s clever enough to have the flexibility and versatility to be folded and positioned to meet the desired room configuration; more so, it should dampen sounds – keeping privacy in check. PPA provided the office partitions’ 360 Degree Acoustic Portable Room Divider Wall-Mountable (Fabric) as a solution.  This flexible partition has the 360 Degree articulating hinges which allows the positioning of the partition in an “L-shape”, cleverly transforming one (1) small room into three (3). It has also been engineered to have honeycomb cell core, fibreglass sheets and acoustic fabric to dampen sounds from the parted spaces.

In the photos below, Neil Wise, the owner of the physiotherapy clinic, cleverly positioned the office partitions to create a right angle that is perfect for the desk.  He was able to use the office partitions to successfully screen off the three rooms and make it into definitive, separate areas for the reception area, waiting area, and the consulting room.  


About this solution:

Client: St. Leonard’s Physio by the Bay, a Physiotherapy Clinic out of Coastal Victoria

Partitions Used: 360 Degree Acoustic Portable Room Divider Wall-Mountable (Fabric)

Industry: Massage & Therapy

Delivery time: 4 days

State: Victoria