Frequently Asked Questions

How long does delivery take?

We are typically able to ship within 1-2 days order confirmation. This means that products will usually arrive within 5-7 working days anywhere in Australia.

Are you room dividers able to hold white boards?

Yes. This is a common request form the school and education market who are looking to create classroom dividers. There are tracks at the top for your hooks and our main room divider products including 360 Degree Acoustic Portable Room Divider, Afford-A-Wall Folding Room Divider, Telescoping Acoustic Portable Partitions are all very strong and easily able to accommodate whiteboards as well as small flat screen TV’s or similar presentation devises. You now have a mobile classroom!

How are your heights measured?

Our listed heights on the website are measured from floor to top of the partition. If they have wheels or castors then this height is included in the final published height.

Do you offer custom design jobs?

We are often asked for custom heights or custom designs incorporating logos or artwork and this is possible on some of our range. You can also mix n match fabric and polycarbonate panels to create your own individual look and finish. Anything is usually possible – just ask and we will give it a go!

Can I connect multiple room dividers?

Yes. Our 360 Degree Acoustic Portable Room Dividers, Telescoping Acoustic Portable Partitions, MP10 and MP6 Mobile Room Divider 360, Telescoping Telescoping Mobile Room Divider come standard with unit-to-unit connectors to join additional units together to form longer mobile partition walls if required.

Can I attach pins, tacks or Velcro to my Portable Partition?

Our acoustic fabric range accepts pins, tacks and Velcro since this is made from can from a 16mm honeycomb board with a layer on fiberglass each side. You can then use your room divide as a mobile information board or mobile gallery.

Who generally uses your portable room dividers?

When it comes to portable room dividers everyone and anybody can use them ranging from schools, colleges, offices, pubs, cafes, restaurants, leisure centres, pharmacies, clubs, doctors surgeries, churches, exhibition centres, hospitals, retail stores, residential and many more.

What are the typical applications of an acoustic room divider?

In reality, there are no typical applications. Everybody uses them differently ranging from creating a meeting room, dividing a room, creating a consultation booth, building a privacy screen, creating a mobile classroom or even a mobile gallery – the options are endless.

I have something unsightly that I want to hide, do you offer a cheap solutions for his?

We have an entire range of economy range of portable room dividers and portable partitions ranging from $200 upwards that are designed for this very requirement. They are non-acoustic and are made from a heavy canvas fabric.

What colours do you have available?

In our fabric and canvas range we offer variations in colours including blue, black, beige, red, charcoal and light gray. In our polycarbonate range we offer gray, clear and white. You can also mix n match fabric and polycarbonate panels to create your own individual look and finish.

How stable are the room dividers?

Our mobile room dividers are very stable. They feature a full panel end member giving the mobile partition stability in all configurations. They also feature a 3 inch dual wheel locking casters on the full panel end member. This provides a secure hold when in position and extra stability.

Do I need to build and install my portable room divider?

Most of our room dividers ship fully assembled. Simply open the box and roll or lift into position. There are a handful of products that are shipped semi-assembled and would require minimal tooling (screwdriver and spanner) and couple of minutes to screw a few bolts. Do DIY skills are required and instructions are supplied.

Do your mobile room dividers offer acoustic properties to help dampen sound?

We have dedicated range of specialist acoustic portable room dividers that do just that. This is the bulk of our business where somebody requires a sound barrier or sound dampening solution. We offer two main types of acoustic panels – fabric and polycarbonate. Both deliver outstanding acoustic performance. Our fabric range uses engineered acoustic panels manufactured from a honeycomb cell core with fiberglass and a specialist acoustic fabric. Our polycarbonate range uses dense engineered fluted polycarbonate plastic panels with 10mm cells.

Can I easily rotate my portable partitions in different directions?

We offer multiple products that use a 360 Degree articulating hinge that open at any angle to allow zig-zag, L-shape, curved and straight line configurations. IT is a very common requirement to set-up a portable partition in a non-linear shape and most of our partitions have this capability.

I have a very exact dimension between two walls that I need to divide and I can’t see a product on your site that fits these measurements?

This is a very common ask. Most of our folding partition range is based on panel and wheel configurations that preset for design and stability purposes and cannot be altered. However, we also offer a range of products that slide or telescope in straight line configuration to any exact length you require up to 9.25m

How easily can I store your portable room dividers?

All of our systems are lightweight and most are supplied with wheels so are therefore easy to move and store. Most fold down to less than a 1m² footprint and many smaller still. Simply roll away when not in use for quick and easy storage.

What kind of size and lengths do you have available?

Multiple heights and lengths are available. Lengths range from 1.22m to 9.25m in our acoustic range and heights range from 1.22m to 2.29m. In many of our ranges multiple room dividers can be easily linked together to create longer continuous lengths.

Can these room dividers be used in schools or child care centres where safety is paramount?

Absolutely! The school and child care sectors are two of our biggest customers. These products have been specifically designed with this market in mind. Our no-pinch seams between panels reduce the possibility of fingers getting pinched and are therefore suitable for any environment where safety is key. Extra partition stability is created via full panel end member so tipping is not possible. We sell into this sector with total confidence that our product is the safest on the market.

I’m also looking at fixed rail mounted partitions, what is the key difference to your partition systems?

Flexibility, set-up time and price are generally our differentials. Many people first think of permanent rail mounted partitions when thinking of dividing a room but often this is not required. Generally it’s much more expensive and disruptive approach and offers no flexibility once in place. It can never be moved from its original that fixed position unless you pay again. All of this can be avoided by considering cheaper and more versatile temporary room dividing solutions. Our solutions offer a much more flexible and adaptable approach. Simply roll into place and move to another location when required. No install costs and zero disruption.