How to Separate a Large Function Room – The Sunshine RSL Case Study


The General Manager of the Sunshine RSL needed to a way to separate the large function rooms to create smaller spaces. The function areas were sizeable, but the club often received enquiries for bookings of smaller capacity than the space permitted. With the right solution, they would be able to accommodate multiple groups at once. Additionally, larger group bookings often required dance floors which needed privacy from the rest of the patrons at the club


We recommended our 360 Degree Acoustic Room Dividers to enable quick and easy configuration depending on the needs of the patrons. The club placed an order for two of our 360 Room Dividers, a 9 panel which is 7.62 metres in length and also a 5 panel which is  4.27 metres in length. These panels are 2.3 metres high. The added benefit of this range is the acoustic features which dampen noise when the club is busy.

The client was very happy with the products.