How to reduce noise between offices – Case Study



Salt & Shein are a recruitment agency based in Sydney. The office had recently been subdivided however the newly built wall offered little acoustic benefit between the neighbouring tenants. Conversations in each office were easily overheard through the dividing wall, presenting a concern for privacy, confidentiality and was highly distracting for staff.

The builder who installed the new wall provided Salt & Shein with a quote to soundproof the wall and ceiling space for $17,500.


Peter Salt researched other options online and found PPA’s range of Peel & Stick Acoustic Panels. He purchased several packs of the 600mm x 600mm panels at 12mm thick in density with a 0.8 NRC rating. They arranged them in a way that completely covered the adjoining wall and layered additional panels in a decorative pattern to create a visually appealing feature wall which was also highly practical. The neighbouring office did the same.  


Our builders gave us an eye-watering quote to deal with an inter-office soundproofing issue. We came across this product quite by chance and have been extremely happy with the result, literally saving thousands of dollars and achieving a very satisfactory solution to our problem.” – Peter Salt, Salt & Shein.