Case Study: How to Create a Dynamic Exhibition Space

The Surat on Balonne Gallery is located in regional Queensland, hosting regular art exhibitions for local and regional artists. Originally opening in 1997, the gallery has hosted over 120 exhibitions for the Who’s Who of regional artistic talent. With an ever-changing parade of exhibitions it is important for the gallery manager to maintain a flexible and adaptable space to showcase every artwork as it rightly deserves.

Gallery Manager Maria contacted PPA in 2022 for recommendations on moveable walls that could be used to create additional hanging space in the gallery for larger exhibitions, that could be neatly stored away when not required.

Product recommendation

We recommended our 360 Acoustic Room Divider range with a white polycarbonate finish with artwork hanging systems for each panel. The dividers are easy to set up, move and store away while the artwork hanging systems can accommodate three hung artworks on each side of the panel to create hanging space for six works per panel.

Maria purchased two of the 5 Panel Acoustic Room Dividers, providing space to present a total of 60 hanging artworks.


“The Gallery committee is very happy with the panels! It has given us additional hanging space in the Gallery.” – Maria, Manager of The Surat on Balonne Gallery.