Wall-Mounted Classroom Dividers for Schools

Mobile room dividers are popular choices for classroom partitions, largely because they are lightweight, easy to move and multi versatile.

A large classroom space can be split and reconfigured to create one-one-one learning areas, group areas or to run a dual class on either side of the divide.  The idea of creating ‘rooms within rooms’ offers tremendous flexibility for schools and other education facilities.

The 360 Degree Mobile Room Divider is our most popular Classroom Divider and has excellent sound dampening properties due to its acoustic honeycomb core and specialist acoustic fabrics.  The fully articulating 360 Degree hinges means that the divider than be used in straight line, curve, zig-zag or right angle configuration.  The fact that you can also pin and tack artwork or displays means that the room divider also doubles up as a portable art gallery or noticeboard.

In the example below, from our partners in the USA, our 360 Degree Mobile Room Divider has been used to create an activity space within a common space which doubles as a church daycare. The yellow fabric adds comfortable charm to the fun atmosphere and is also used to create portable artwork walls.  Note how a mixture of portable and wall-mounted partitions are used – the wall-mounted for creating longer walls, and the portable for creating several smaller ones.

Black temporary walls for exam halls - Portable Partitions
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