Modular Protection Wall Packs



OVERVIEW: Modular Protection Wall Packs

These Modular Protection Wall packs are perfect for creating different ‘zones’ in hospitality venues and allow more people within a venue to be physically separated at any one time.

They are designed to help turn a large space into numerous zones in a way that ensures the safety of customers as well as staff.

They can also be used in the office workspace environment to separate desks into their own ‘bubbles’.

The screen is available in both a clear or Translucent acrylic that are non-porous and therefore easy to clean and sanitise.

These modular walls are available in 1.83m height and 1.2m width and can be stood vertically or horizontally as a pack. The packs are available as a 2, 3 or 4 pack providing the following dimensions:

2 pack: 

Minimum linear coverage:  2 x 1.2m = 2.4m (both panels vertical with 1.83m height);
Maximum linear coverage: 2 x 1.83m = 3.66m (both panels horizontal with 1.2m height).

3 pack: 

Minimum linear coverage:  3 x 1.2m = 3.6m (all panels vertical with 1.83m height);
Maximum linear coverage: 3 x 1.83m = 5.49m (all panels horizontal with 1.2m height).

4 pack: 

Minimum linear coverage:  4 x 1.2m = 4.8m (all panels vertical with 1.83m height);
Maximum linear coverage: 4 x 1.83m = 7.32m (all panels horizontal with 1.2m height).

Please note that these packs are designed on the basis that they will be configured with at least one right angle for stability.  If configured in a straight line, we can provide separate stabiliser panels.

They may look permanent, but they are easily moved and packed down, as well as being simple to install. There is no builder required to set them up.

In the current climate, when physical distancing is not only so important but part of government regulations, these screens can help create safe areas for staff and customers in many industries.


  • Perfect for creating dining ‘zones’ in bigger venues
  • Will help reduce community transmission of COVID-19
  • Made from clear or Translucent acrylic and easy to clean and sanitise
  • Modular packs can be configured to create any length wall or barrier
  • Easy to install


  • Pubs and Clubs
  • Restaurants and Cafes
  • Offices

Stay Protected

Help reduce community transmission of COVID-19 by using these non-porous clear temporary walls for crowd management

Save Time & Money

Avoid expensive, lengthy and disruptive permanent building works by considering cheaper temporary or semi-permanent solutions. Products to suit every budget, without the hassle.

Made To Fit Any Room

We designed our Mobile Germ Protection Screens in a fully customisable way so there is always a way to make it work for your needs.

Easy Set-Up

Most of our products ship semi assembled or assembled. Simply unbox and use easy setup guide to place into position. No need for professional building services or installers.

Australian Made

Manufactured, assembled and shipped directly from our Sydney factory ensuring the highest quality.

Next Day Shipping

All products are in stock and available to order directly through the website or via phone. The majority can be dispatched next day for delivery across Australia.

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Clear 100% visibility, Translucent

Combined Length

2 panels (2.4m), 3 panels (3.6m), 4 panels (4.8m)