Best Ways to Improve Acoustics a Classroom or Office

Classrooms and offices have some unique acoustical challenges. Both of these environments must serve multiple purposes. At times, classrooms and offices are places for teamwork and discussion, so they need to be conducive to large group discussions, activities and even parties. On the other hand, students and workers need to be able to focus and concentrate in their classrooms and offices, and in order to do this, they need a quiet atmosphere.

In this post, we’ll look at some of the best ways to sound dampen classrooms and offices.

Install Sound Panels

If the walls of your classroom or office are made from a reflective, hard surface, noise will bounce right off those walls and mix with all the other sounds produced in the room. You can help to control how far voices carry by softening the walls with sound panels.

You can create your own sound panels by stretching fabric over a wooden frame and installing them on the walls. They could be used as artwork, bulletin boards or backgrounds for posters or announcements. The fabric helps to absorb sound and make your classroom or office a more peaceful place to work.

Use Rugs on Hard Floors

Footsteps and rolling carts create noise in offices and classrooms, and rugs can help to dampen these sounds. Rugs and carpets also help to decrease the overall sound waves in a room because the waves don’t easily reflect off these softer surfaces.

Take note, however, that concrete and cork floors, although they’re not soft, are great at absorbing sound. The hard floors to worry about are hardwood, tile and linoleum. With these floors, you’ll want to use rugs or carpets, at least in the high-traffic areas.

Add Fabric Window Treatments

Although they’re usually associated with residential decor, draperies and other fabric window treatments can be used in offices and classrooms for dampening sound. You can find fabric window treatments that are designed specifically for absorbing sound. In fact, a lab in Switzerland recently created a textile made of modified polyester that allows some natural light while absorbing much more sound than standard textiles.

Use Acoustic Portable Partitions

One of the best ways to sound dampen a classroom or office is to use acoustic portable partitions. These partitions can be used in multiple configurations, so you can customise them according to your needs on any given day. For instance, if a small group needs to meet for discussion, the partition could block off a portion of the room, giving the group privacy and shielding the rest of the office or class from the noise their discussion produces.

There are several different kinds of acoustic portable partitions, including those created from fibreglass sheets with honeycomb cores. Covered in this special fabric on both sides, the partitions help to create a calm, quiet atmosphere for your classroom or office.

Not only do these partitions help to sound dampen your classroom or office, but they look great as well. You can mix and match fabric colours and finishes, and you can also have logos or artwork printed directly on the panels.

If you just need to dampen sound in one part of your office or classroom, consider acquiring an acoustical panel privacy screen. These screens are affordable and easy to store. They use the same fibreglass fabric with a honeycomb cell core, and the fabric is fully tackable (you can use push pins or Velcro on the fabric without harming it).

For more information about sound dampening your classroom or office, or to discuss which portable partitions will work best for your needs, get in touch with us at Portable Partitions. We’ll help you to design the sound dampen room that will help your employees or students succeed.